Manchester United signs 9-year-old YouTube star

by Tom Tsinas August 12th, 2007 

I have passion for Soccer, or Football as the world calls it. I'm a massive fan of Panathinaikos Athens, Toronto FC and Manchester United, so the story of a gifted nine-year-old being signed by the Reds caught my eye.

It wasn't the fact that Rhein Davis was 9 years old, but that the worlds richest football club were interested after hearing about him from YouTube. The video showing him doing stepovers like Ronaldo, is a big hit, having been viewed by over three million people and counting!

There's no agent, no expensive, professionally produced highlight video, just the power of social media, connecting a nine year old kid from Australia with Englands most popular club. Amazing!

Enjoy the clip and Go Reds!

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One Response to “Manchester United signs 9-year-old YouTube star”

  1. Ha ha, this kid is awesome, I can´t believe he is just 9 years old, I´m really impressed with him.
    At the same time it feels very well that my club is taking care of future generations. This can only happens in Manchester United, the best club in the world.