Mom’s SEO Advice: Better Safe than Sorry

by Ruud Hein August 8th, 2008 

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Redundancy applies not just to your computer setup.
It applies to how you process information, store knowledge, work your SEO and run your or “your” company.
And that approach leads to creative professionalism.

My mom would drive me crazy taking my cup of lemonade -- mug of coffee later on -- and putting it just a tad farther away from the edge of the table: better safe than sorry.

Mom is the kind of superhero who sees a good discount deal and gets three: better safe than sorry.

Better safe than sorry, I learned at a young age, comes in preemptive action and redundancy.

The Cloud & Everything Else WILL Fail

We know you can’t rely 100% on “the cloud”; at any moment your access to your email can not just be denied – those very emails themselves can disappear *snap* just like that.

In both cases that IMAP connection has to have been setup before. Those emails have to be living on a local drive too. And yes, that local drive has to have been backed up.

While you’re at it, why not install another freebie email application and download your email there too? Or maybe you prefer to setup multiple accounts in your email program and drag & drop copy emails to another storage in the cloud point: works too.

Creative Redundancy

I’ve dedicated too many bits of data to too many programs over the years to rely on any single one anymore. It’s not just that software can get outdated, it’s that each piece of virtual equipment brings its own strengths.

Tagged bookmarks in Delicious can be sliced and diced in so many ways but Google Bookmarks were always full text searchable. Yahoo can store a permanent copy of the page as it was when you bookmarked it for up to 5000 bookmarks.

I can quickly lookup snippets of code or attribute quotes to the right person by doing a quick search in Evernote but wandering through that same information in the interconnected world of Personal Brain shows me links and possibilities I hadn’t been aware of.

The fact that I grab information and take a few extra seconds to store it not just once but two or three times means I have data safety, yes. But better yet, it means I get to use specific pieces of data in the software where it is best represented at that time. Heck, sometimes it’s just fun to use another piece of software than the one you’ve used all last of last week!

Redundant SEO

It’s what Jeff Quipp refers to as the “mutual fund” approach to SEO. Others call it not putting all your eggs in one basket.

In either case: don’t rely on one technique. Don’t rely on one approach. For any client, don’t rely on one this or one that.

“Backup” your SEO efforts with other approaches; some short term, some long term.

Redundancy in the company

Whether it’s your company or “your” company, you are the one responsible for its health.

You can’t rely on one client that brings the majority of the revenue. You need more.

You also can’t rely on one type or one category of client. With the economic US misery now crossing the ocean, Britain is seeing a sudden end to a 17 year building boom. If you'd only “do” construction company SEO, you would be about to fail.

Only going for the big guys? Or only the small ones? You need redundancy. Mix and match: repeat.

What’s your take? Too much of a good thing? And how does specialization tie into redundancy?

Images courtesy of davidsilver, Marxchivist and ragesoss.

version Francaise

Ruud Hein

My paid passion at Search Engine People sees me applying my passions and knowledge to a wide array of problems, ones I usually experience as challenges. People who know me know I love coffee.

Ruud Hein

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17 Responses to “Mom’s SEO Advice: Better Safe than Sorry”

  1. Palapple Blog | SEO Solutions for your Business…

    Thanks for sharing. Search engine optimization is indeed one of the most crucial areas in Internet marketing, it is a perfect bridge between technology and business….

  2. […] Read the original: Mom’s SEO Advice: Better Safe than Sorry […]

  3. Ruud, Your mother is totally right. It is better safe than sorry about. I always try to stick to this.

  4. Utah SEO says:

    Putting all your eggs in one basket is definitely a frequent problem I see. People find something that works and stick with it but this industry changes way too fast to do that.

  5. Todd Mintz says:

    Kudos for including a pic of one of the best pulp fiction novels ever :.)

  6. Don't ruin your entire reputation just to get a few more bucks.

    It's not worth it.

  7. The corollary to this saw is "No body is indispensable!" The trick in life is to keep becoming indispensable. You will never become redundant. That means that you have to constantly keep one step ahead of competition.

  8. The other need is to know where to get information rather than be a storehouse for information. As you point out, there are a number of ways to store and retrieve information which again is an offshoot of another saw – "Better a short pencil than a long memory".

  9. It works the same way as investments. People must always remember the need to diversify your resources or dollars. By applying this thinking into SEO business, i do agree with you that we can't simply depend on one single industry or taking in only the "big" clients. Mix and match does make a difference in the long run. Nice post.

  10. VMOptions says:

    "You can’t rely on one client that brings the majority of the revenue. You need more."

    This, along with your other comments, are 100% accurate. Depending on one client, technique, etc., can leave us open to failure since no backup plan is in place. I've been in the situation before where one client paid the bills of my company and 3 employees. It is not a good feeling…

  11. Metaspirng says:

    Certainly your mother was right, so thanks very much for a timely reminder to be safe now so that we are not all sorry later.

  12. jeflin says:

    Mom knows best.

    Of course being safe than sorry for all things in life is a bit stressful and a waste of resources, we should reserve this principle to the more important things.

  13. Wow, quite a unique and refreshing approach you have shared here. This is great advise.

  14. people with more experience will know better..

    thanks for sharing those valuable tips..cheers!

  15. Eva White says:

    Prevention is better than cure any day, but the diagnosis needs to be timely as well, else it won't work as expected.

  16. Chris says:

    Excellent post!

  17. Mark Johnson says:

    Great advice, multiple streams is never a bad thing – multiple SEO techniques, multiple sources of traffic and multiple streams of income leads to a stable business.
    .-= Mark Johnson recently posted: search engine optimisation leicester =-.