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by Ruud Hein June 8th, 2007 

mon-avis-logo(Version francaise) is a 2 months young French site by Quebecers for Quebecers. Its purpose is simple: to share your recommendations and opinions on shops, bars, hotels, etc. etc.

On the submission form the province of Quebec is hard-coded but a little note suggests that it is "for now". Eyes on the future?

donnez-votre-avis Entry is easy. You simply start to give your advice. It is only at the end of a four step process that MonAvis will prompt you to either sign in or sign up.

You can add your recommendations to existing entries or create a new entry. Each establishment has to have a physical address provided; a URL is optional. URL's appear as direct links.

1-region MonAvis is a lot like a Yelp clone and features a somewhat similar homepage. The strong point is that it offers Quebecers a resource in its own language, for its own stores and shops. French Quebec is not an afterthought: it is the thought.

If that market will prove large and solid enough remains to be seen. As-is the resource is accessible to the French reading audience only, obviously. With so much authorative information on local establishments that is somewhat a shame.

Ruud Hein

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Ruud Hein

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2 Responses to “ Share your Recommendations”

  1. Daniel says:

    I don't like the site, too clustered and only in french ???? What's that about, I mean there is 15-20% English speaking people in Montreal alone, what about them ? The site is a COMPLETE rip of Yelp but just done worse. I think this will flop in a few months time.

  2. […] with Mon Avis the question remains not only how large the Quebec market is but how much traction there is […]