My Three (3) SEM Wishes For 2008

by The Guy January 3rd, 2008 

It was just my birthday, so I get to make a wish. And I'm going to...

I'm going to make a wish for Google, a wish for Yahoo and a wish for MSN/Live/Sympatico.

My wish for Google for 2008.

My biggest wish for Google for 2008 is a "negative" geotargeting capability. As odd as that may sound, in my 2007 travels I came across a need/desire for it more than once. To wit: I want all of Ontario EXCEPT Toronto... ergo, negative option Toronto for me. In the Google world, I can set an all Ontario Campaign and a Toronto campaign. Wouldn't it simply be easier to do the reverse?

My wish for Yahoo for 2008.

My biggest wish for Yahoo is dayparting. And not just because Google has it. And not just because MSN/Live/Sympatico has it. But because they both have it leaving Yahoo to be a little like the laggard on that front.

My wish for MSN/Live/ for 2008.

Ah, MSN. If Google is the favored child because it butters my bread and Yahoo is the forgotten middle child (sadly cliched, but true), then what of MSN/Live?

It is the child of potential that can't quite seem to get it right.

Not quite my favorite child but I do hold out a lot of hope for it. From a business perspective, there's much to hold out hope for. MSN/Live is economical for a start-up. (Read: Cheap.) But more than that, it provides a strong ROI in terms of conversion.

So, with that in mind, my wish for MSN/Live is more traction, or simply put, more marketshare.

So there you have it, in the vein of having my (birthday) cake and eating it too, my three SEM wishes for 2008.

Have a good one.

~ The (SEP) Guy

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6 Responses to “My Three (3) SEM Wishes For 2008”

  1. Happy birthday to you (even if it is a little late, it still counts)! You've got some great wishes here, but – unfortunately – I don't think we'll be seeing them come true anytime in the near future.

    Here's to wishful thinking.

  2. That's my wish too. I also wish my own damn post would rank rather than Sphinn's when you search for MSN search share seoroi (my company's name)… You'd think Google could get it right, considering it's only 227 results there?

  3. Happy Birthday bro :)

  4. Edward says:

    Hey man, happy birthday! (Sorry ya didn't know it until I read the post)

  5. samuam says:

    Happy birthday!

  6. jim says:

    Yes I've always wondered why MSN/Live doesn't seem to get very far for me.

    Maybe it's because it's still fashionable to "hate Microsoft?" And therefore people don't use it as much as they do other channels.