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by Donna Fontenot December 12th, 2005 

After I left that other SEO forum, along with lots of other disenchanted members, I began searching for another SEO forum that I could call home. Turns out, I now have several different homes.

First of all, the news of the day, is that Search Engine Roundtable now has its own forums, and they have asked me to be a mod there. Since SERoundtable and Barry have my high respect, I had to say yes. So please help Barry (RustyBrick) launch his new forum by heading over to

The second place I visit frequently now is the Cre8asite forums. They have just implemented a brand new design, which looks great. Cre8asite is a forum filled with warm, friendly, knowledgeable people. You can find their new digs at

And the third place I go is the new SEO Refugee forum. SEO Refugee was designed to give those who left that other forum a place to go where there were familiar faces. It is a place where the serious SEO topics blends with frivolity. In other words, a good place to learn and have fun too, whichever mood you might be in.

There are quite a few SEO forums out there (I have covered the topic before), but these three are my current hangouts. See if they fit your style.

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