Net Neutrality

by The Guy May 7th, 2007 

So what is Net Neutrality?

According to Google's definition (Which I found easier to understand than Wikipedia's):

Network neutrality is the principle that Internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the Internet. The Internet has operated according to this neutrality principle since its earliest days. Indeed, it is this neutrality that has allowed many companies to launch, grow and innovate. Fundamentally, net neutrality is about equal access to the Internet. In our view, the broadband carriers should not be permitted to use their market power to discriminate against competing applications or content. Just as telephone companies are not permitted to tell consumers who they can call or what they can say, broadband carriers should not be allowed to use their market power to control activity online. Today, the neutrality of the Internet is at stake as the broadband carriers want Congress's permission to determine what content gets to you first and fastest. Put simply, this would fundamentally alter the openness of the Internet.

In short it's about information and who if any has the right to control it.

The most comprehensible blurb came from an M.I.T. post stating quite simply but eloquently:

Twenty-seven years ago, the inventors of the Internet[1] designed an architecture[2] which was simple and general. Any computer could send a packet to any other computer. The network did not look inside packets. It is the cleanness of that design, and the strict independence of the layers, which allowed the Internet to grow and be useful. It allowed the hardware and transmission technology supporting the Internet to evolve through a thousandfold increase in speed, yet still run the same applications. It allowed new Internet applications to be introduced and to evolve independently.

So should anyone be able to control it?

As for a Canadian perspective, technology expert, proponent and writer Mark Evans has this to say.

Have a good one.

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One Response to “Net Neutrality”

  1. Net neutrality is actually a made up term by the likes of Google so internet service providers are forced to subsidize their massive content that flows across the net. The content is outstanding, don't get me wrong. Thats not what I have a problem with.

    We are entering a broadband crunch and Google has admitted it. The Fiber to the Home Council put this excellent educational video together. I am advocating for a strong, seamless internet with the Hands Off the Internet Coalition.