Jaw-Dropping 2017 B2B Content Marketing Controversies (and What Can You Do About Them) [Stats]

“If utopian fiction became the new trend, I wouldn’t read it.” – Veronica Roth

It’s that time of a year again…The internet is showered with experts claiming that they have nailed 2017 content marketing trends, predictions, benchmarks …you name it.

By the [...]

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How to Optimize Your On-Page Signals for Local SEO

Would you like to connect and engage with customers who are actively seeking your products or services? Then getting your site geared up for local SEO is a must.

With growing competition out there, remember to do [...]

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White Hat Link Building Tactics In 2017

Despite Penguin wreaking destruction on sites with shady backlink profiles, the humble hyperlink remains one of the most fundamental elements of any digital marketing campaign. In this guest post for Search Engine People, I want to look at [...]

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How To Build Emails That Resonate With Millennials

Whether they’re on your marketing radar right now or not, Millennials should still receive some of your attention, since they will soon become the majority audience for everyone. A lot has been said in recent years about who [...]

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What Businesses Can Learn From Restaurants

When it comes to business marketing, there are several things we can learn from restaurants and how they’ve evolved over time. As business owners and managers, it is our responsibility to grow our businesses by utilizing effective marketing [...]

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16 Must-Know Digital Marketing Stats To Profit From

Over the last 12 months, I sent more than 300 pitches that helped secure over 60 guest posts, which covered everything from viral content to SEO best practices. The goal? To help other digital marketers get a handle on [...]

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Top 3 Ways To Identify Long Tail, Intent Driven Keywords For PPC

As the paid search landscape has become more competitive, Google has simultaneously made campaigns increasingly more complicated and more expensive.

While intent-driven core keywords are considered the Holy Grail for results-driven paid search campaigns, there are often [...]

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How To Measure The Success Of Your Guest Post

Guest posting has numerous benefits, from authority building to actual lead generation. Going after one (more tangible) of the goals diminishes the value of guest blogging: You just cannot underestimate the power of a well-established brand!

But how do you measure [...]

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5 Content Marketing Trends That Will Change SEO In 2017

Maybe I’m biased but if there is one thing I can predict with 100% accuracy, it’s this: content marketing will become even more important in 2017.

You’ve seen this first-hand: businesses are investing more and more in creating and [...]

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How We Increased Conversions By 130% With Iterative Testing

Increasing conversions is one of the most common challenges digital marketing agencies have to deal with. In this how-to article, we will provide you with tried and proven hints on how to considerably raise the number of goal [...]

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