How To Start Email Marketing In 5 Steps

by Francis Santos April 11th, 2014

According to the Direct Marketing Association email marketing generates $43.62 for every dollar spent on it That is an absolutely stunning rate of return and virtually unparalleled in any other marketing option open to you. Take the plunge into email marketing and discover how easy and profitable it really can be! 1. Choose a Web-based [...]

Social Media as a Public Relations Platform

by Nitin Aggarwal April 10th, 2014

How can you use social media to execute traditional marketing like your public relations efforts? When you consider that currently 18% of marketers will not even consider using traditional marketing, you can begin to see that the future of traditional marketing efforts like PR is contingent upon adapting to online channels like blogging, podcasting, and [...]

Afraid to be perceived by customers as the less valuable offer in a Marketing Partnership with a bigger partner brand? If you're not careful as a "little fish" when getting into a marketing partnership with a much "bigger fish", your perceived brand value can diminish. The prospect of working with a heavyweight who is more [...]

All the SEO Advice Fit to Print

by Mike Tekula April 9th, 2014

Do you publish SEO advice? Do you read SEO advice? How much of it is reliable? Sure about that? I started out, like we all did, knowing jack squat about SEO. I was a web designer (and a pretty bad one) when my boss at the time swiveled in his chair one day and asked [...]

Measuring SEO Goals: Should We Forget About Rankings?

by Bradford Barker April 9th, 2014

The practice of tracking search engine rankings is essentially moot. . The problem: explaining the irrelevance of rankings to clients. Don't get me wrong. The goal of any SEO work should be to achieve the highest search engine rankings possible, but trying to track and accurately measure rankings is nearly impossible. Sure, you can run [...]

Where Search Begins Is Where Social Ends

by Scott Gould April 8th, 2014

Search Engine Optimisation is all well and good, but how do you get people to search for something in the first place? I don't know if you've ever asked yourself this question. I did recently when thinking about the history of media and the even greater power that recommendations have today. If we are in [...]

The social media frontier of today holds the opportunity to develop contact strategies for Facebook and Twitter with similar precision and discipline that direct marketers have brought to a science over the years. If you are a brand that markets directly to your customers, consider the opportunity to build a social network contact strategy. Here [...]

5 Tips to Optimize your Google+ Local Listing

by Daniel Kosir April 7th, 2014

Local search is an area that is becoming increasingly fundamental for any SEO strategy. As search engines aim to provide users with highly relevant results, one of the main aspects they have focused attention on is search personalization, and giving users results based on their location is a crucial component. The following statistics indicate just [...]

Should My Ecommerce Site Have a Blog?

by Kirsty LaVier April 4th, 2014

Should your online store be all work and no play?

Write Copy That Sells Without Selling Your Soul

by Justin Norris April 4th, 2014

We've all encountered a stereotypical slimy salesperson at least once. Why is it so creepy? Its because hes not a friend " he's a predator. His aim is to make the sale, whether the customers needs are satisfied or not. Hell bend or break the truth to do it. He knows how to twist emotions, [...]