8 Tips for More Effective Tweets

Is there an art to effective tweeting? Communicating in 140 characters is not easy. How do online publishers attract, in bite-sized morsels, new visitors? How does one get new visitors to spend more time on your site and encourage [...]

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Identify Cold, Warm & Hot Leads On Twitter

You know that millions of people use Twitter on a daily basis, offering vast potential for finding leads. Keywords, hashtags and social bios are built-in breadcrumbs leading you to a feast of prospects. But how do you know which [...]

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Sales Funnel Frustration? 5 Quick Fixes For More Conversions

Obtaining customers is the central goal for the majority of marketers, making a well-defined and carefully monitored sales funnel one of the most powerful tools an organisation has at its disposal. A sales funnel is an absolute necessity [...]

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Instagram – Your Business Needs To Get Some Of This

In 2013, Nathan Chan launched Foundr Magazine, a digital publication for entrepreneurs who are in their startup phases. Some friends encouraged him to begin his marketing on Instagram, and he, in fact, focused primarily on this platform. Within six months, [...]

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How Customer Value Optimization Works

In business, we love efficiency. We love to squeeze that extra 20% out of a process. Just like Einstein, we’d skip the socks to get a few more hours out of life, if only we could get important [...]

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Top 5 Technical Issues Large Sites Have with AngularJS

If you’re building a large website with AngularJS, you have your work cut out for you. A large site is a big enough undertaking already, and AngularJS doesn’t exactly make things any easier. Due to your project’s large [...]

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How To Optimize Your AMP Pages Using Google Search Console

Over 2G data connection and sometimes even 3G, many face issue of slow internet speed. For e-commerce business, it all results in loss of business. Needless to say, to cash in on user attention fast services have to be provided [...]

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How to 3X More Instagram Followers

With Instagram being the fastest growing social network for brands, it’s where your business needs to be. In fact, the number of brand followers increases at an average of 6-8% every month. But how exactly do you drive that growth [...]

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How To Get More Sales This Valentine Day

For search marketing campaigns, Valentine is just around the corner.

Valentine sales are booming, surpassing 18.9 billion dollar. Isn’t this exciting? So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best resources that will enable you to increase [...]

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User Friendly On-Page SEO: A Short Guide

On-page SEO is all about how well your website responds to Google ranking factors. And by your website, we mean exclusively your website – everything from your URL and your metadata, to your content, keywords and images.

What's beautiful about good [...]

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