7 Essential Plugins For Every WordPress Install

by Jason Streatch April 6th, 2015

With the ease of which websites can be developed in the WordPress content management system (CMS), more and more web savvy small to medium sized business are developing their own sites on the WordPress platform. Much of a WordPress sites' functionality can come from some of the many custom plugins that have been developed for […]

Creating shareable content is key for spreading brand awareness and is a very important aspect for online marketing success. Not only is great content one of the most important foundations of your website, it is the driving force for online engagement and has been known to improve relationships with existing readers/clients as well as gain […]

With these tools at your disposal CEO's can check if their site really is mobile friendly. Developers can get specific instructions on what needs to be fixed how. Whether you want to please your users, don't want Google to push your site our of its mobile search results, or want to get specific instructions on […]

How To Promote Your Content On Pinterest

by Alanna Sloan April 1st, 2015

As the king of DIYs and great ideas, you may never think to look to Pinterest for your content promotion. However, as the third most popular social media site (after Facebook and Twitter) you really can't afford to not leverage this tool. Here are some facts about Pinterest that you may not have known: Posting […]

How To Get Started With An Email List

by Leo Dimilo March 31st, 2015

Choosing a provider should not be based on price but on needs. The reality is that most email autoresponder services are priced so competitively that price doesn't matter. Don't go with a free service though.

We have all read the “engage” story a million and one times when reading about social networking for businesses and to be quite frank I’m sick of the repetition.

Email Marketing: How to Get Started in 1 Day

by Brett Alan March 27th, 2015

Email marketing is incredibly effective, we all know that. But how do you get your own campaigns up and running without investing bunches of time and energy?

While it seems as if Google Analytics has become the de facto installation for web analytics, giving Google your data may not always be a good thing. Piwik Web Analtyics does just about the same job but from the safety and privacy of your own server.

How To Protect Your Website From Malware

by John Medina March 25th, 2015

There are multitudes of bots out there, and they're not all as friendly as this guy. Evil Robots Want In On Your Web Party "Wait. What's a bot?" you might ask. A bot is a piece of automated software with a set of predetermined functions. On the web, robots are also referred to as crawlers, […]

What Is A Landing Page And How Is It Used?

by Lindsey Marino March 24th, 2015

What's a landing page, how and where to get one — and what to do with it?