3 Surprising Lead Generation Techniques…That Worked!

With the rise of new online social networks in recent years, lead generation has been undergoing some significant changes.

Your potential buyers are overwhelmed with all the noise, and as a result, they ignore the messages that [...]

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Need More Links and Shares? Stir Up a Little Controversy (A List of Do’s and Dont’s)

If you’ve been in the content marketing game for a while, you know an unfortunate reality: Not every campaign will be a viral hit. For every “Most Interesting Man in the World,” there is another idea out there that will [...]

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5 Local SEO Pitfalls That Can Cost You

If you would have asked a small business owner 10-20 years ago, “What’s your greatest challenge to getting found by new customers?” She may have said something about how her location could be better or he may have [...]

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Growth Hacking Strategies For Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion is the ultimate aim of a business’s online efforts.

Everything that we do as part of digital marketing is a means to this end.

We pump thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in our ventures, and if that does not [...]

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6 Content Amplification Secrets No One Talks About (& The Tools to Implement Them)

Content marketing is both an art and a science, because it requires a certain formula applied creatively to a host of diverse scenarios. However, the goals of content marketing remain consistent no matter what the use-case. The aim [...]

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How Do You Measure Social ROI?

The impact of social media on sales and revenue is still something that businesses struggle to measure, even with its wide use in marketing. And without knowing the hard numbers, it can be difficult to improve your current strategy.

However, by [...]

A Road Map To Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is often touted as the holy grail of content marketing. That’s because it’s content that continues to be relevant and brings traffic and attention year in, year out.

But many people wonder how easy it is to create evergreen [...]

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When To Use An Empathy Map

The Empathy Map is one of those tools that’s not only useful to almost every department in a company, but which is also free. You can either draw it yourself, or use an online template - the latter’s [...]

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Creating Your Company Using $0

If someone told you that your startup could cost you nothing to get off the ground, you would think it was a joke. It may sound impossible, but it truly isn’t with careful planning, a pinch of talent, and a [...]

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A Check List of 15 Social Media Tips to Kindle Audience Engagement

If there's one metric that represents a definite and direct result of social media marketing, it is social media engagement.
What Is Social Media Engagement? Why Is It Important For Your Business?
Engagement is the sum of likes, shares and comments that [...]

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