5 Points Not To Overlook In A Technical SEO Audit

How well prepared are you for a technical site audit?

Here are some here are 5 points not to miss.
1. Take Mobile Optimization To The Next Level
Mobile is critical for your business. More than half of the search queries that Google [...]

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15 Quick Ways to Check The Health of Your SEO Program


If you are running an SEO program, you are in for a long haul. Sometimes, it takes from 6 months to a year to see a slight improvement in online visibility attributable to SEO efforts. You do not need [...]

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How to Create High-Quality Blog Graphics

Creating high-quality blog graphics is an integral part to producing a catchy, highly shareable post.

According to media theorist John Berger, in his book Ways of Seeing, "Seeing comes before words." This statement supports the assertion that high-quality [...]

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Develop A Trusted Business Twitter Account In 10 Minutes A Day


A source for breaking news, a river of conversation, and a place to build your authority. Twitter is all of these things and more, but for anyone looking to develop trust on the network, it can seem like a [...]

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The Reasons To Add Apple Maps To Your Digital Strategy

Why should your business consider Apple Maps into it’s digital strategy?

Every business wants to grow and in a nutshell, there are only two ways to increase your business: Increase your share of the pie Increase the [...]

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11 Things You Need To Know To Talk About UX

If you are contemplating a UX approach to your business, and you definitely should, then you need to read every word of this important post. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about UX and the most important of [...]

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5 Ways To Use Pinterest For Keyword Research

Any marketer trying to sell something or get an article read cannot afford to ignore Pinterest. The social bookmarking platform is fast competing with Google as it becomes the number one visual search engine. But unlike Google, Pinterest users are [...]

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Why Do I get Served THOSE Facebook Ads?!

Have you ever wondered … why do I keep getting served “X” Facebook ads?

We all know it’s based on data collected by Facebook by different sources….but did you know that you can see, and remove some of the categories [...]

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30 Things to Get Right When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency [Rookie Guide]

The best time to hire a digital agency is when it’s still an option, not when it becomes a necessity to get the company out of stagnation or fight heavy competition. A good campaign can grow with your company [...]

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7 Tips For Growth Hacking Traffic Monster Headlines

According to Copyblogger, 80% of people never read past the headline of a web page. The headline is where you make your first impression on your reader and if 80% of readers never look any further, that headline is [...]

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