Pinterest For Marketing & SEO

The majority of Pinterest users use the platform to buy stuff. That alone makes it a valuable marketing channel worth pursuing.

The fact that it hasn’t been saturated in the same manner as Facebook and Instagram makes [...]

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How Expensive Will The Cost Per Click On My Google Adwords Keywords Eventually Get

If you’ve been an advertiser in AdWords for more than a few months you have likely noticed that over time your cost-per-click (CPC) has increased, even for the same average position on the exact same keywords. This can be a [...]

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Social Media For Better Customer Service

Companies invest thousands of dollars to convince new customers to check out their services and products. But it's not about getting one-time customers. The real goal is to give people such a great experience they become life-time repeat customers.

One part [...]

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How To Use PPC To Boost Content

Every digital marketer desires to conquer the art and science of content marketing and Pay per Click (PPC) advertising to maximise their digital marketing ROI.

A quick Google search returns a page full page of a combination paid ads as well [...]

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Create High-Quality Guidelines To Get High-Quality Content

Has your blog’s readership never quite been what you wanted? Or it’s plummeted in the last few months? Perhaps it’s because your guest post inbox has started to look like this:

“Hi Editor,

Having experience [...]

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5 Engagement Tactics To Capture A Social High-Value Target Audience

To catch someone's attention and occupy their interest is not easy; It involves an understanding of what they're interested in and creating content that's engaging enough to hold their attention. Additionally, you'd also want them to interact with it.

Engagement on [...]

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Social Media Tips & Tools To Post Smarter: Content Scheduling

Last post we spoke about different content types, content creation, and the benefits of repurposing content. We are at the end of this three part series and I’d like to drive home the benefits of editorial calendars and [...]

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Best SEO Tools for 2016


When it comes to doing search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, there are many factors to consider. In order for SEO to be successful, you definitely need a solid strategy and game plan. However, you also need a [...]

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How To Build A Blog

Building a blog is one of the most important strategies for marketing a business. A blog helps a business connect with its audience and build a relationship with them. According to a study, 55% of small businesses have blogs for [...]

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Bend It Like Donald: 5 Social Brand Building Lessons

Social media is playing a transformative role in this presidential election. Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton are heavily utilizing social media platforms to connect with voters.

And it’s working.

Millions of people follow Trump and Clinton on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and [...]

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