Don't Overlook These Elements For A Successful Marketing Campaign

Each stage of a marketing plan has many levels of complexity. As with any endeavor, the plan is often the simplest description of intent. Even when areas of complexity are highlighted, actually putting the plan into action is [...]

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Which Pages Receive The Most Internal Traffic [Google Analytics]


What we're looking for is to also answer the question "how to see which pages/posts receive the most traffic". A little bit like finding popular landing pages.

E.g.: you have a site with 1000 pages that link liberally [...]

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How To Build The Framework For Brand Storytelling


Stories are at the heart of every brand, which is why effective storytelling is crucial for engaging target audiences. Even beyond engagement, it is the most effective way to earn your prospects' trust, and by extension, their business. [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Periscope

In case you've managed to avoid all the hype over the last ten months, Periscope is a live video streaming app available for IOS and Android in which users create live broadcasts or 'scopes' which other people can [...]

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International SEO: How to Fix & Prevent Duplicate Content Issues

International SEO is becoming increasingly important for online companies to meet their ultimate aim of growth. Due to the Internet, expanding your business to any country in the world is fortunately a click away. All you need is [...]

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Content Re-packaging: How To Finally Make Your Content Strategy Work

We live in a crazy world... We live in the world where everything has already been written and it's impossible to be the first to break any news or simply write about anything.

How do you make your content [...]

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What Is This Storytelling You Talk Of?

An abject body sits alone, hunched over his keyboard, rattling out yet another listicle. The keys chatter, slightly loose from their fittings after years of digital abuse.

The pixels flicker, lighting up one character at a time. 10 Things You [...]

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Buy On Google: Everything You Wanted To Know (But Were Too Afraid To Ask)

So just how does Google's "Purchases on Google" work? You don't have to be shy if there are things you don't know (and feel like maybe everyone else does or you should). Find out everything you wanted to know about [...]

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Feeding Search Engines To Rise in Rankings

Search Engine Optimization or SEO. While many businesses may have an idea of what it is, they may not understand how it works or, at least, how to make the most of it for their business. Every business wants to [...]

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A Complete Guide To Using W3 Total Cache

Internet users of today expect that the pages they visit will be fast and smooth. They definitely notice when sites don't run well, so performance is a feature and performance optimization is crucial. For example, pages with longer load times [...]

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