What Is "Natural Link Building"

Links and link building continue to be an essential part of a website’s ranking in search engines. Many of us know by now the importance of links and good links are for our websites and businesses.

Some will also [...]

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50 Tweetable Twitter Statistics For Marketers

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks around today, and it is an absolutely indispensable tool for marketers and advertisers alike. No one wants to just believe a point like that at face value, however, so lets [...]

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How To Use Reverse Image Search

I am obsessed with reverse image search concept. I got excited when I saw its slow and unconfident birth a few years ago and I still find the concept fascinating: The ability to track all instances of an image across [...]

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Why Drive People To Facebook or Twitter Instead Of Your Blog


These days having a good web presence isn't just about having a website that lists your services. Your customers will expect you to have a host of social media pages, as well as the obligatory company blog on [...]

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How To Use Social Selling In Each Stage Of The Buying Process

In a previous article, I shared the 5 Core Steps to Consultative Selling. The steps were:

building rapport,
conducting a needs analysis,
crafting a solution,
proposing / selling the solution,
and then servicing the account.

Today, let's look at each of those steps from a social [...]

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How To Easily Curate Relevant Content

What's the single most important element of good social media engagement? Your content.

With good content you can attract an audience with so much more ease. And at the end of the day, you end up with an excellent brand image.

The [...]

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What To Write About When "Everything's Been Written"

Developing great content can be a challenge for any online business. Yet, unless you've been blogging for decades in a static industry, which I'm not sure exists given the technological revolution of the last several years, or manage a [...]

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7 Domain Name Considerations

1. Size Matters

Generally, the shorter your domain name, the better. That’s because it’s easier for people to remember and type in a shorter domain than a longer one. Consider the above example, Pets.com is better than something like [...]

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Facebook Market for Local Services

Facebook has launched a directory that connects users with local businesses and organizations with the best Facebook reviews and ratings.

This can be huge especially now that Google Plus removed almost all the local component from the G+ page. [...]

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"Just Build Great Content"

As more companies move to embrace content strategies as part of their SEO efforts, we hear over and over again from all sources that the key to getting those content pieces found is about creating good content that users [...]

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