Measuring SEO Goals: Should We Forget About Rankings?

by Bradford Barker April 9th, 2014

The practice of tracking search engine rankings is essentially moot. . The problem: explaining the irrelevance of rankings to clients. Don't get me wrong. The goal of any SEO work should be to achieve the highest search engine rankings possible, but trying to track and accurately measure rankings is nearly impossible. Sure, you can run [...]

Where Search Begins Is Where Social Ends

by Scott Gould April 8th, 2014

Search Engine Optimisation is all well and good, but how do you get people to search for something in the first place? I don't know if you've ever asked yourself this question. I did recently when thinking about the history of media and the even greater power that recommendations have today. If we are in [...]

The social media frontier of today holds the opportunity to develop contact strategies for Facebook and Twitter with similar precision and discipline that direct marketers have brought to a science over the years. If you are a brand that markets directly to your customers, consider the opportunity to build a social network contact strategy. Here [...]

5 Tips to Optimize your Google+ Local Listing

by Daniel Kosir April 7th, 2014

Local search is an area that is becoming increasingly fundamental for any SEO strategy. As search engines aim to provide users with highly relevant results, one of the main aspects they have focused attention on is search personalization, and giving users results based on their location is a crucial component. The following statistics indicate just [...]

Should My Ecommerce Site Have a Blog?

by Kirsty LaVier April 4th, 2014

Should your online store be all work and no play?

Write Copy That Sells Without Selling Your Soul

by Justin Norris April 4th, 2014

We've all encountered a stereotypical slimy salesperson at least once. Why is it so creepy? Its because hes not a friend " he's a predator. His aim is to make the sale, whether the customers needs are satisfied or not. Hell bend or break the truth to do it. He knows how to twist emotions, [...]

The 5 A's of Content Marketing

by James Duthie April 3rd, 2014

Marketing through content is one of the pillars of modern SEO. The ideation and generation of content should be based on this model.

Throwback Thursdays: The Evolution of Web Design

by Daniel Kosir April 3rd, 2014

The year was 1991. In the midst of everybody dancing (C+C Music Factory), psychotic cannibalistic criminal masterminds (Silence of the Lambs), and Tim "The Toolman" Taylor (Home Improvement), CERN quietly published the first ever website. Still live today, this is how it looked in 1992, the earliest version that could be recovered: Pretty underwhelming, right? [...]

Once you decide on on some potential Marketing Partners you would like to contact — to help you build your brand, acquire new customers and keep your existing customers loyal longer – you'll need to create a value proposition for them as well as a creative proposition for their end customers to benefit in order [...]

The 10 Levels of AdWords Geotargeting

by Robert Brady April 2nd, 2014

One of the most basic settings for any PPC campaign is the geotargeting where you set the geographic area where you want to show your ads. Believe it or not, Google AdWords features 10 different levels of geotargeting. Country – Google has a presence in most countries of the world. This is the largest geotargeting [...]