“People Who Bought This Also Bought” – Related Keyword Searches Unraveled

I was in a bakery last weekend. Placed on the shelf above the birthday cakes, they had confetti, candles, and snow sprays. It seems obvious that anyone buying a birthday cake is also likely to buy confetti and [...]

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How To Change The Owner Of A Facebook Ad Account

No matter what, Facebook continues to be a solid source of brand awareness and has now expanded it’s influence into the purchasing funnel.

The percentage of consumers that admit having their purchasing choices skewed by a company’s social [...]

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How To Increase Engagement On Instagram


In this day and age, engagement matters.

Your social media content has to do more than catch a person’s eye. If you want it to bring you business, it has to get that person to act. There [...]

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How To Decrease Your PPC Budget, But Not Your Results


The end of the year is a great time to evaluate your previous year’s performance and make adjustments to your budgets. While marketing dollars continue to shift toward online channels, some businesses will need to cut back on [...]

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Measurable, Mobile Micro-Moments Reveal Path To Success

Mobile shoppers make up an enormous percentage of all consumers today, first outpacing desktop users in 2014 according to Comscore. Today this continues to grow at an astounding rate.

In 2015, mobile devices accounted for 51% of total daily digital media [...]

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How To Turn Your Tutorial Videos Into Marketing

If you've ever gone on YouTube looking for help hooking up your cable, or fixing a leaky sink, or using a complex piece of software, you've probably experienced tutorial fatigue.

Long-winded narrators. Shots that seem to go nowhere. Inexplicable, swooping transitions.

While [...]

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Mobile-First Indexing & Mobile Friendliness: What You NEED to Know

Google has been providing us a heads up for many years about the importance of mobile friendliness, so it should not have come as a surprise when Google announced that it is shifting its search index to use the mobile [...]

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Facebook Lead Ads: Setting Up Your First Campaign

Facebook Ads is a REAL bargain for any marketer and business owner.

However, many advertisers recently noticed an uncomfortable truth: it is getting more and difficult to acquire new leads and step them into your funnel. [...]

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Getting Things Done In A Large Company

Getting things done in a large company can be complicated. It does not matter if you manage just SEO or responsible for the whole site; if you just joined a global company or contracting for one. You will [...]

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Content Marketers

Content marketing is constantly changing, which means it can be difficult to stay on top of what’s going on. Don’t worry though – get your head start this year with this list of five resolutions all content marketers should [...]

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