12 Small SEO Fixes for 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love said to me, “How about you spend some of this holiday vacation time beefing up your site’s SEO and getting ahead in the online marketing world?”

And so I said, “Well that [...]

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4 Proven Methods to Turn Your Social Media Followers into Raving Fans

Your social media followers like your posts, comment on your content, and even click on your links from time to time.

What they don’t do, however, is tell their friends about your brand.

You have a problem faced by so many businesses [...]

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15 Tools To Manage Your Editorial Content Calendar

Content marketing has become big business. Curata's roundup of content marketing statistics reveals that:

The content marketing software market will be worth $32.3 billion in 2018
88% of North American B2B marketers use content marketing
B2B buyers use content for [...]

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3 Social Media Success Strategies

Social Media is is a competitive place to have your content seen or shared by people. But once you get the inside information on how to use it, you will enjoy great success from your post.

But why not have success [...]

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3 High Impact Marketing Strategies For Business Growth

Here’s the scenario.

It’s been seven months since you launched your online business yet your monthly sales have been close to nonexistent all this time.

“This is really frustrating,” you say to yourself.

You spent countless hours -- let alone thousands of dollars [...]

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5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

As a content marketing consultant, I get a lot of questions by companies that want to know what they do wrong with their content marketing efforts.

After all, 70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy for a reason.

After [...]

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How To Build A Signup Form That Converts

If your forms are not optimized, you’re bleeding opportunities. You better make it your mission to keep improving them to your customers and business needs.

Let’s see how you should do this in four ultimate sign-up form conversion optimization steps.

Forms are [...]

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How To Get Your Manager Excited About Guest Posting

I bet you've read headlines, again and again, about how guest posting is dead. I think that I have heard this for the better part of my entire writing career. That's five years, folks. Five years of hearing the same [...]

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Use Google Analytics To Get Actionable Data

Here are some facts: The online retail business market is estimated to reach USD 6.7 trillion in 2020. - Frost & Sullivan, 2015 90% of consumers research online before buying. - MyCustomer, 2012 60% [...]

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19 Confirmed Google Ranking Factors

For many websites and businesses Google continues to provide more traffic to their website than any other channel: more organic visitors than paid search, social and even direct traffic.

With that in mind it’s certainly worth keeping up-to-date with what works, [...]

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