Fact: content is king Fact: blogging is important to search marketing Fact: good content attracts relevant traffic Fact: good content grows qualified leads So you ask yourself; "How do I create content people love? Where do I come up with the ideas?" Fact: in-house 1) Your Buyer Persona A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation […]

Digital marketers place a lot of emphasis on conversions – and for good reason. Conversions (or desired actions that you want your users to take, such as downloads or sales) represent success. But of course, success doesn't end there. You've now created a relationship that needs to be nurtured if you want to guide your […]

7 Tips To Help You Boost Your Content On LinkedIn

by Daniel Kosir March 18th, 2015

As the preeminent businesses-to-business networking platform, LinkedIn can have a tremendous impact for brands in industries of all types. From brand awareness to acquiring leads and beyond, it presents a number of options to target specific demographics and boost social media marketing efforts. With LinkedIn advertising options becoming much more effective as of late, brands […]

The content marketing scene is brimming with big players. Most of them get noticed soon enough because hungry audience are eager for outstanding content. As a self-proclaimed Aha expert, I enjoy following content marketers who have an edge. To name just a few, I'm hooked on Marie Forleo, Gary Vaynerchuk, and the one and only […]

5 WordPress Plugins To Gather User Feedback

by Ann Smarty March 16th, 2015

What is your most valuable resource as a website owner? Your visitors. They can provide you with crucial feedback that assists you in making decisions for the future of that site. Whether it is a blog or a business online storefront, you can gain a great deal from listening to what your users have to […]

Online Reputation Management Strategy

by Jonny Ross March 13th, 2015

Social media platforms, online reviews and blog articles have made it ever so easy for members of the public, or for other companies, to leave online comments or negative reviews that mar your business' reputation. Of course, there is nothing any business can do to stop people doing this; however there are many things that […]

The quality of your content is an important factor when it comes to your search rankings. No longer is content simply about the number of keywords, anchor text and links you have on your page. You also need to consider the quality, relevance, context and value of your website's content. It's not just about having […]

How to Promote Your Content on Instagram

by Alanna Sloan March 11th, 2015

What started out as an idea to improve the sharing of photos between friends now wears many hats, and is easily one of the most popular and used smartphone apps in the world almost 10 years later. Instagram is a quickly growing social media platform. In February of 2013, the company announced it had its […]

Let's have a look at some of the most promising trends in the marketing world to look out for or try. Search Marketing Trends You should stop using recent keyword data trends as they are becoming more and more unreliable. Optimize your website for mobile as more users take to using mobile over the more […]

They Came, They Saw, They Left Having a blog post with a 90% bounce rate is like throwing a party where everyone walks in your front door, looks around, and then promptly leaves. Also known as … not good. We all know that a certain degree of bounce rate is inevitable for any content, particularly […]