How To Choose The Best Page To Optimize For Your Keyword

I'm going to share a SEO tool that I personally use to help identify the ideal page to work on to improve ranking for specific keywords.

After you've completed keyword research and uncovered the top words and phrases that you want […]

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How To Write Blog Posts That Tug At Your Readers' Hearts

Every blogger dreams to write a post that tugs at their readers heart; a post that goes viral on social networks. But the sad reality of blogging is that even after writing stellar content it is challenging to gain a […]

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How To Filter Out Google Analytics Event Tracking Spam

So you thought you were getting a handle on this whole Google Analytics Referrer spam problem, did you?

When referrer spam started being noticed in Google Analytics, people jumped on fixing the problem quickly. If you don't already know what this […]

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How To Create Traffic Driving Roundup Posts Efficiently

I am not a morning person. Quite the opposite, actually.

Sometimes at night, when everyone else is sleeping, I find myself lost in highly relevant-to-my-life quizzes (Are You More Ina or Jeffrey?) and endless chains of internet roundups.

(Nailed it.)

These roundup topics […]

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Social Media Experts To Follow On Twitter (That Manage Their Own Accounts)

My search for "Who should I follow on Twitter" produced 1,220,000,000 results in 0.52 seconds. Clearly, the Internet has a lot of advice on the topic. Every post had one thing in common – the featured influencers were selected by […]

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How To Audit Your Marketing Program

If your car ran well sometimes but not others, you'd probably run a diagnostic. If you found one system or part worked well, you'd move onto the next until you knew what was wrong and what wasn't. The same can […]

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Tools To Find The Perfect Social Media Content

Are you always looking for helpful and interesting content to share on your social media?

Do you find it difficult to find the right content for your audience?

Finding content has always been a big pain for social media marketer. Because there […]

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Where And How To Build Links in 2015

With Google penalising websites with bad backlink profiles and 'spammy' link building tactics, it is important to steer clear of any underhand methods that put you at risk.

In 2015, link building should all be about creating relationships, PR and increasing […]

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How To Use Mobile Geo-location Successfully To Reach Your Target Audience


Over the last decade, the evolution of mobile phones has been so fast paced that this device has replaced a lot of gadgets in our lives. A case in point is that it has actually supplanted the GPS units (Global […]

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Quick, Affordable A/B Testing With PPC

Making decisions is difficult. The more people involved in that decisions and you have more and more opinions that potentially cloud the decision. Add in that the highest-paid persons opinion (HIPPO for short) carries significantly more weight and you could […]

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