"Just Build Great Content"

As more companies move to embrace content strategies as part of their SEO efforts, we hear over and over again from all sources that the key to getting those content pieces found is about creating good content that users [...]

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How To Track Social Button Clicks On Your Site Using Google Analytics

Social media is huge right now. And website owners have taken advantage of that by integrating like and share buttons on their websites which helps users share content faster and easier.

As a website owner, you always want to make sure [...]

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10 Of SEP's Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Favorite Tools

What's the #1 Tool to help do your SEO, Social Media or PPC job better?

There are so many useful, time-saving and just plain cool marketing tools today. Actually there are so many it’s really tough to know which [...]

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32% of Americans Think .CA Represents a California-Based Website [Study]

After completing our first study on whether or not Americans would consider purchasing from Canadian retailers, SEP wanted to take our research one step further. In order to understand how Canadian-based websites and companies are perceived in the eyes of [...]

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5 Things Improv (Of All Things!) Can Teach You About SEO

Many SEO professionals spend their weekends watching Saturday Night Live (this one included, from time to time!) - but did you know that what you're seeing put into play week after week can actually make you better at optimizing marketing [...]

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40 Online Marketing Strategies Experts Recommend for 2016

Every company is starting to prepare for 2016 now and with that they are looking for marketing strategies they can take into the New Year to increase their profits.

On behalf of Search Engine People, I asked 40 online marketing experts [...]

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How To Amplify Your Social Media Advertising Strategy With Content

Many look at social media advertising and content marketing as if they were two separate concepts and approach them differently as well. The truth however, is that social media advertising wouldn't exist without content.

There is [...]

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Profit From These Real World Small Business PPC Examples

As a small business there are so many thing to manage with your online marketing: SEO, PPC, email marketing, PR, blogging, etc. Horror stories of businesses making mistakes seem to be all over the internet. But what about the SMBs [...]

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Timing Is Everything: The Right Time To Send Emails At Every Step Of The Funnel


Email is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and continues to be arguably the most effective. With a bit of analysis and automation, you can time your emails to target audiences when they're at their receptive best. [...]

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6 Simple Steps To Start To Benefit From Marketing Automation

Marketing automation: sounds complicated, right? Nope. The definition is all in the name: automating your marketing strategies online.

Okay, so I might have lied. The definition of marketing automation is easy but the actual strategy to get your [...]

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