After the release of Google's Pigeon update in mid-2014, local search became more important than ever. Some businesses – such as those from the jobs, real estate, film and insurance industries – tumbled from their original search rankings. Others were more fortunate, as they had the foresight to implement certain strategies to keep them at […]

What Is (A) Nofollow? Nofollow is an indication that can be added to a link to tell search engines you recommend they not follow that link. Basically to tell them not to pay attention to that link at all. In practice search engines do follow the link but in most cases remove that mention of […]

How To Do A Complete SEO Audit

by Joshua Uebergang February 26th, 2015

What Is An SEO Audit? An SEO audit is a process of checking a web site in a number of areas. Primarily, this process aims to ensure that your web site is up to current standards of being search engine friendly (and search engine compliant). You should expect: a detailed analysis on your site's current […]

For a long time directories occupied an important role in the evolution of the web. Before Google and complex search algorithms most of the internet was categorised using Yahoo's original web directory which categorised websites manually by niche and from which the company took its name. Things have changed a great deal since then and […]

How To Promote Your Content On Facebook

by Alanna Sloan February 24th, 2015

That means you have to work harder smarter to maximize the impact of your Facebook marketing strategy. These tips help you make the most of paid and organic strategies. 1. Schedule Updates Check your page insights and track all engagement levels. Schedule your updates around activity spikes on your Facebook page. Another trick that will […]

5 Things Successful PPC Managers Do In The Morning

by Robert Brady February 23rd, 2015

Stay consistent. Take predetermined action every day. The habit of frequency fosters both character and almost effortless high quality output.

How To Identify Keywords With Purchase Intent

by Jennifer Blackie February 20th, 2015

Learn to target searches that are less competitive, less broad, but bring in more money by driving qualified traffic to your site.

How To Remove Bad Reviews From Google Local By Responding

by Helen M. Overland February 19th, 2015

We all know by now that more and more people are using their cell phones to find products and services. In fact, Google Maps is the most used smartphone app, used by 54% of all smartphone users. That's a lot of online Local searches. Google themselves have produced research showing that over 55% of people […]

How To Promote Your Content On Twitter

by Daniel Kosir February 18th, 2015

The scheduling tip alone will boost your reach and engagement: to think about reaching people waiting for meetings is brilliant.

Seven On-Site Methods to Drive Users To Increase Click Through

by Bernadette Coleman February 17th, 2015

What can local businesses do to take advantage of how user behavior affects their local rankings? How can you tell Google your website is worth visiting? The more a site visitor clicks on your page, the more popular your website will appear to Google's algorithms. And, the more popular your site is, the higher your […]