How to Keep Social Stats Updated For Your Website

by Sameer Panjwani May 7th, 2015

Part of what makes online marketing so attractive to brands and businesses is the fact that you can measure practically everything you do. For some, the goal is as simple as measuring traffic and conversions. For others, ROI is more complex and comes in the form of, for example, cost savings from using Twitter to […]

Any organization, no matter what its size or type, can benefit from having a brand standards guide, especially when it comes to social media. Sure, it may sound like the sort of thing that only the "big guys" have, but when it comes to keeping your customer experience (and brand) feeling seamless, this is one […]

According to Hinge Research Institute, businesses that generate 60% of their leads online are two times profitable compared to those generating less than 20% of their leads online. I've been reading extensively about B2B Lead Nurturing best practices. The more I read, the more I realized that the topic is so broad but every aspect […]

If we are to pick one key inbound marketing tactic that most B2B and B2C marketers are betting big on, it has to be content marketing; with 86% of B2B and 77% of B2C marketers saying their organizations use content marketing, it is very popular. But this also means the competition is tough and you'll […]

We often focus our SEO efforts on the long-term with an "always on" approach. However don't over-look SEO when planning out your seasonal marketing campaigns. If planned out well, SEO could be your lowest hanging fruit. Where To Focus Start with looking at the year ahead. Most marketers know key events or promotions that will […]

5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Money

by Kari Pritchard April 30th, 2015

Sometimes when we get caught up in a project, it can be easy to turn a blind eye to common mistakes. When it comes to your website, mistakes are definitely something you'll want to avoid. Especially obvious ones. That's why we've created this infographic to help you identify 5 digital marketing mistakes you could be […]

10 Essential Pinterest Tools to Drive Brand Engagement

by Chris Marentis April 29th, 2015

Pinterest is a valuable social media marketing tool for businesses. With over 70 million users, it enables your brand to connect directly with consumers, showcase your products to the fullest, and drive engagement and sales. Here are ten must-have Pinterest tools for your business. 1. Canva If you want a great presence on Pinterest, the […]

59 SEO Link Building Experts To Follow on Twitter

by Matt Janaway April 28th, 2015

Not all of these people label themselves as link builders. Some are rebranded as content marketers. Some lean more towards SEO. Fact is, these people not only know how to get the best links; they can get the best links — and they're not afraid to share how it's done. I won't (shamelessly) include myself […]

A1 Website Analyzer is a powerful SEO audit website crawler that installs on your computer like regular software. It can extract all technical and on-page information you need to perform a complete audit. It doesn't require any running subscription to keep functioning. At SEP it's our go-to tool when the going gets tough. SEO Spider […]

20 Basic HTML & CSS Tricks For Marketers

by Sumayya Sattar April 24th, 2015

Back in the day (pre-marketing automation software), marketing didn't require too many technical skills. It has become essential today for the savvy marketer to be able to both build and tweak email templates, landing pages or websites without needing to run to a developer. The two most commonly used technical skills for these tasks are […]