Please do not miss Ms. Dewey

by Donna Fontenot November 8th, 2006 

Ok, MSN's new Ms. Dewey search engine has been largely ignored by most, but I really have to beg you to check it out. I'm talking total entertainment here, folks. Funny, funny stuff. Ms. Dewey totally cracks me up. I may never use another search engine again, just because of the entertainment value.

Go to and try these searches.

Ms. Dewey nude (be sure to put the period after Ms)

After you've been entertained by that, run the same search a second time. In fact, there's quite a few variations of this, so you can keep searching for it to see all the iterations.

Ok, now you can try other silliness like "funny jokes" or whatever you want. Oh, and leave the site and come back to it. The intro changes. Granted, this doesn't solve serious search issues, but it makes it so much more enjoyable. Fun stuff, Microsoft. Good job!

Added: Some other things to try:

Britney Spears
Hugh Grant
George W. Bush
Hillary Rodham Clinton

(Be sure to run each search several times).

P.S. For those of you who just don't get it, please, take off your "I am a serious nerd hat" and put on your "I actually have a sense of humor" hat.

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3 Responses to “Please do not miss Ms. Dewey”

  1. robert paulson says:

    To me, this looks like the kind of thing that Google would do – if they had 2 quadaxle loads more graphic design ability and a less-geeky taste in humor. >snort

  2. robert paulson says:

    Found this on Youtube – hilarious!

  3. robert paulson says:

    I never forget a face…

    Was surfing for something and an ad came on for "The L Word" and about the 5th character into the ad was named "Papi".

    A little digging, and we have the identity of Ms. Dewey: