If you haven't looked for PLR content lately, you may be surprised to find that it's more than articles and ebooks now. Here are eight types of PLR content.

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PLR ArticlesArticles.
PLR articles are typically sold in packages of anywhere from 5 to 20 articles. Usually the articles are all on the same topic, but sometimes variety packs are offered. Articles are usually between 300 and 800 words in length and delivered as text files, Word documents, or both. They can be used individually as website or blog content or combined into a special report or ebook.

ebookSpecial Reports and Ebooks.
A special report is essentially a long article on one topic. It can be anywhere from about 8 pages to 20 or 25 pages long. The report is usually delivered as a Word document or text file. Sometimes it's just the report, but other packages include a cover graphic and other supporting materials such as a sales page copy, thank you page, autoresponder messages, and articles.

Ebooks can be as short as 25 or 30 pages, but are usually about 40 pages and go up from there. The content in an ebook is often divided into chapters, with a table of contents. Ebooks often include a cover graphic and are usually delivered as a Word document. Like special reports they can sometimes include other supporting materials.

Special reports and ebooks are often sold or given away as one piece of content, but depending on the license, they can usually be broken up into articles or an email series.

Autoresponder messagesAutoresponder Messages or Ecourses.
These packages are intended to be used as an email series and include 5 to 10 messages on one topic. Typically the messages are delivered as text files and include no graphics or other materials.

Comparison ChartsComparison Charts.
These charts compare the features of popular products or services. I only know of one source for these and each package includes multiple, related charts which can be used individually or bundled into a special report.

How-to reportsHow-to Reports.
How-to reports can be as short as one page and usually aren't more than a few pages long. They are step-by-step instructions for completing a task such as installing a blog plugin or repairing a window screen. Screenshots or pictures may be included.

Product reviewProduct Reviews.
These articles rate and review the pros and cons of products and services. Some may include screenshots and images. They are particularly suited for use as affiliate marketing content with your own affiliate links added to the review.

Video PLRVideo.
With the popularity of video and with editing tools being more accessible to the average Internet user, video PLR services have emerged. Editing video for uniqueness and branding is more challenging than editing text PLR, but is possible. Most PLR videos are how-to or tutorials on business tools and Internet marketing.

PluginWordPress Plugins.
Just this month I was introduced to a WordPress plugin PLR package which includes the plugin, a sales letter, and an installation manual. Of course most of us wouldn't know how to customize the plugin so the only editing and personalization would be the sales letter.

I've personally purchased and used most of these types of PLR. One of the many reasons why using PLR is good for my business is because it helps with one of the biggest challenges I face - finding the time to get everything done. Choosing professional PLR articles and products assures quality and helps me make more time for other business tasks.

PLR is an affordable content tool that is now available in a variety of formats for website and blog content, infoproducts to sell or give away, and many other uses.

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Linda Stacy

Since 2002, Linda Stacy has been helping direct sales consultants market their opportunities online. She also writes about PLR sources.


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6 Responses to “Private Label Rights (PLR) Content – More Than Articles and Ebooks”

  1. Ted Payne says:

    I love this article. It makes a great point about the PLR market.

    Having my own PLR site, I sometimes wonder if the term PLR is too antiquated? I think there is a certain stigma from certain people when they hear PLR (from years of low quality content).

    Sorry for the musings, it is just something I have been thinking a lot about lately. Love to see other people espousing the value of great quality plr.

    • Linda Stacy says:

      Thanks Ted. I pretty much ignore the naysayers and I just keep trying to educate. As long as the rest of us keep producing and supporting quality I still think we can to do well. (But yes, it can be frustrating to have to continually work against the stigma.)

  2. Mark Upshaw says:

    I made my first ever PLR purchase just days ago. I had no idea there is so much available (e.g. plugins). I hope you follow this post up with a list of favorite sources (favorite: reliable).

    • Linda Stacy says:

      Thanks for commenting Mark. I do have a list of favorite sources on my blog; I'll have to see if I can expand it enough to make a post. I tend to build those types of lists very slowly because I very rarely add anything I haven't personally used.

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  4. Ellie says:


    Thanks for the information on this blog. I'm currently unemployed and with the kids going back to school I am working to develop income streams online. I'll be searching out more of your site for additional info. Where are some of the best places to get started for a newbie? I've purchased and DL'd some PLR materials that are in areas I am knowledgeable and familiar with as well as grabbed some domain names and WordPress templates but I'm really stuck and confused at this point. Seems like there's so much to do that its hard to know where to start. Thanks for this info though – gave me even more to digest – Ellie