4 Things To Look For When Submitting To Directories

by Stacey Cavanagh February 14th, 2011 


Its an easy habit to get into " submitting your website to hundreds of directories. After all, any links are good links, right?


Links are great, yes, but only if they come from decent quality and relevant websites. A link profile thats made up of thousands upon thousands of poor quality directories probably wont be of much benefit.

What to Look for

  • The Big Directories. There are a number of well known premium directories, including Yahoo Directory, BOTW, Business.com and DMOZ. All of these have a moderation process in place. They are trusted sites and can be great directories for building domain authority. Apart from DMOZ, all charge for submission. DMOZ is free but its not easy to get accepted.
  • PageRank. Toolbar PageRank as a quick SEO feedback mechanism remains useful " and directories with good PageRank are a good port of call.
  • Manual moderation. On the whole, directories that clearly state they have a manual moderation process in place are great.  Sites in these directories have come under human scrutiny for relevance and on the whole you have less chance to be grouped with a bunch of cr so-so sites.
  • Relevance. As well as the bigger directories mentioned above, do a search for directories relating specifically to your niche area, for example home improvements directories, or finance website directories. Submitting to these will be great for relevancy " but again avoid the all-too-easy-free-for-all-no-moderation, sites.

What NOT to Look for

  • If a directory is not brand new yet is not indexed within Google, theres probably a reason. I would steer clear of directories that cant get themselves indexed!
  • A free for all. If theres no moderation process whatsoever and you can just freely submit link after link after link and immediately have them live then avoid it. This is likely to be a haven for spammers.
Stacey Cavanagh

Stacey Cavanagh is the Digital Marketing Manager for Tecmark, a UK Digital Marketing Agency specialising in Internet Marketing and Mobile Application Development.

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6 Responses to “4 Things To Look For When Submitting To Directories”

  1. Tanner says:

    Directories can be helpful for search rankings, without a doubt, but if you're only looking to submit your site directors for an impact on SEO, you're failing the game.

    Rather (and this is what I feel should have been the #1 note here), look for directories that look, simply, useful for your target audience. If your audience has to dig through hundreds of unrelated-topic links to find a link to your website, chances are the search engines will too.

  2. Moosa Hemani says:

    I have no clue why? but all of a sudden this directory topics starts all again… I think directories was always helpful and it was always the part of my strategy.

    I do agree about relevance and reputation but this does not only apply to directories but any link we take the process is same.. look at the reputation and relevancy… i like the idea of guessing ones reputation through Manual moderation but as far as you talked about Dmoz… I don't agree about the love Dmoz pass i think Dmoz is the old school game which do not works now… recommend you to go through Dr. Pete post on Seomoz

  3. Jona says:

    I've been sitting on a Keyword Rich Domain name and contemplating what I want to do with it. One of the things I'm considering is starting a directory which of course I will moderate. Are there any good directory scripts or applications that I should look into instead of re-creating myself?

    Great post btw…

  4. Barb says:

    I prefer to submit to directories like vmoptions.com, which offers two descriptions per listing. They clearly edit each submission and the two unique descriptions allow for two separate backlinks to the sites I submit. I also suspect the sites I have listed in this directory will be more valuable in the long run since Google finally appears focused on scraper sites and sites which duplicate content. Unfortunately very few directories offer this, but it is essential going forward imo. Especially for directories that offer link detail pages with deep links, it's important to have a link detail page that uses original text and will be indexed and cached. My budget is smaller then most which is why I try to be as selective as possible. And for those directories that do put forth the effort, the toolbar does not tell the whole story. Some of my directory links on a PR4 directory outrank those on legitimate PR 6 directories.

    While I agree with the tips above, they only scratch the surface of what sets a quality directory apart from the many directories running canned scripts and poor (if any) editing.

    • Tanner – completely agree and yes, I should have made mention to that really. Targeting the right directories has a good traffic generation effect, without a doubt.

      Moosa – absolutely. Relevancy is well underrated at times in link building. Everyone seems to talk PageRank and MozRank when actually, relevancy is, without question, JUST as important.

      Barb – I've never come across vmoptions.com before but I will go and check that out… thank you!

      Juna – thank you! Do let us know if you get a good moderated directory up and running!

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