Quick Visualization of 2007 PageRank Slapdowns

by Donna Fontenot November 16th, 2007 

pr slap dates

Autumn 2007 Google PageRank SlapDown Dates

Some days I just like to visualize things. This is one of those days.

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One Response to “Quick Visualization of 2007 PageRank Slapdowns”

  1. Yes, I think Google is now treading dangerous waters, trying to leverage its search results by eliminating threats to the competition. Regardless of how it really is, the effects of this decision will likely begin to cascade into legal circles where Microsoft who similarly tried to leverage its platform in the 90's and received huge fines, lots of bad publicity, increased competition, and legal curtailment of its excesses. Result: it's stock price has gone nowhere in the last seven years (soon to be eight). This fate could happen to Google… but I doubt they care. After all, history never repeats, does it?