Search Engine Watch staff blogging SES Chicago

by Donna Fontenot December 1st, 2006 

Elisabeth Osmeloski, the Managing Editor of Search Engine Watch, just informed me that two of the SEW Forum moderator staff are stepping up to take over some blogging duties during SES Chicago – Chris Boggs & Frank Watson (aussie webmaster). Chris will also be handling live coverage of the conference for SERoundtable. For SEW, Chris and Frank will run headlines and happenings during the show, and possibly beyond that to provide additional coverage. And pay attention, because some announcements will be made during the show.

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One Response to “Search Engine Watch staff blogging SES Chicago”

  1. Cool!
    I will not be going to SESC myself but 3 of my co workers are, they also went there to announce a Contest related to SEO and will be giving out business cards with the URL to the contest :)
    So if you see 1 tall american guy hanging around with two Swedes just ask them for a contest card and they will hook you up :)
    Hehe! anyway it´s really sad that I won´t be going to Chicago myself because I would really love to meet and talk to some american SEO´s but I guess I have to wait until next time :)