SEO and the Big Blog Undertaking

by Gabriella Sannino July 22nd, 2010 

Solid Connections

Creating a great, well rounded SEO / SMO campaign can be a huge undertaking, especially when dealing with all the facets, tools and time involved. Now, the majority of the work, as you probably know by now, will be in your SEO content. No surprise there, since it’s a vital part of any online SEO and marketing campaign. You’re probably also aware that, in order to maximize your online efforts and presence, you need fresh content with your primary keywords to increase your product, brand and authority.

The biggest demand for most SEO campaigns is content, content and more content. Readers want new content, linking sites want new content and, yes, search engines want new content. You need copy for guest posts (link building), article submissions if you use them (link building), web pages (on site content), blogs (on site content), etc. Some SEO techniques become obvious after awhile: on page optimization, description tags, articles, guest posting… Even after doing all of that, however, there’s still something missing.

An important part of any online marketing campaign is Connections, with a capital “C”. Connections are important. Now, I’m not talking about the occasional hello on a social media site. I’m talking about the kind of connections that take you over to the personal level with your audience. One of the easiest ways to make those connections is with your blog posts.

As a budding, successful business, you’re adding content and sharing the latest news with your readers on an ongoing basis. While press releases are a great way to let potential clients know you’re a viable solution and keep them updated on your latest company news, they won’t drive daily traffic like a well-written and often updated blog.

In terms of both SEO and traffic, publishing a quarterly or bi-monthly press release on your site is only somewhat effective. For instance, it’s a great way to keep your clients updated. However, having a blog that you can freely update with fresh posts to engage your readers is paramount to your goals. This is a great opportunity for you to further your SEO primary keywords as well.

Now, when it comes to blogging and SEO techniques, a good time line is a priority in order to maintain the balance between great content for your readers and fresh content for search engines. If you’re blogging on a regular basis using optimized content, you’ll see a marked difference between high traffic and no traffic. The one issue here I’ve seen, however, is that often companies will become preoccupied with their blog schedule, posting crap if they don’t have the time to really write a post, as long as there IS a post.

Find the Balance

People, this is a no-go. Your readers will start questioning your sanity, or worse, wonder why they ever started reading your blog in the first place. Rather than rush around, wondering what you can do to get more traffic to your blog, VALUE your readers. They’re Connections, relationships (however small or large) – out of the millions of sites on the Net, these wonderful people have chosen YOUR blog to read.

That says something big, and shouldn’t be devalued or wasted on empty content. As well, this is one of the reasons why we say don’t ruin great content with keyword stuffing. If the keywords don’t fall naturally into the content – if you have to force your SEO – you’re doing the readers a disservice.

So – build your SEO campaign. Write to your heart’s content. Use those precious keywords… but always remember the reader and Connections you can make with them.

Gabriella Sannino

For the past twenty years Gabriella has held positions as a consultant, web developer and creative director until she decided it was time to open Level 343, an SEO and copywriting company. She fancies herself an Italian rocker, rebel and SEO geek. She loves singing in the shower and keeps a notepad next to her bed.

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11 Responses to “SEO and the Big Blog Undertaking”

  1. Cheryph says:

    I don't see reason in putting up a post that is difficult to read and comprehend. It is just a waste of time. I support your opinion. One can really rank well on search by stuffing a post with tone of keyword it won't convert visitors to subscriber if the information is meaningless

  2. Gabriella,

    I especially like,
    "An important part of any online marketing campaign is Connections, with a capital “C”. Connections are important."

    Very well said. After all, it's back to push marketing if relationships and connections are not considered.

    Nicely written!

  3. Amelia Vargo says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, especially about valuing your readers. Content should always be the centre of any SEO campaign, it's where it all starts from anyway. How can you expect to do well in the search engines (by this I mean Google…) without decent content? It's the foundations.
    .-= Amelia Vargo recently posted: Google Places Optimisation – SEO Video Tutorial =-.

    • Hey Dana, thanks for your support I love that about you. To be effective, you can’t just write what the client wants; you have to meet both the needs of the client and the needs of the audience. Because expectations are changing, we – as professional copywriters – have to change how we sell our services and products online. Yes, we have to take everything we have learned about SEO/SEM/and social networks and put all of that together in a nice package the "reader""Google" wants.
      .-= Gabriella Sannino recently posted: 5 Tips to Learning SEO and Not Getting Frustrated =-.

  4. Gabriella says:

    Hey Amelia thanks :) I posted this on Twitter today "What sets Top SEO copywriters apart – is their ability to stay focused on the consumer."

    Beyond a superficial reading of immediate customer needs, copywriters must gain a deeper understanding of both the buyer’s long-term goals and the overall business climate. You have to keep that in mind especially with as much competition as there is out there remember you have to earn your respect in the industry don’t assume you deserve it.

    In conclusion the best approach for copywriters is to write the content as a two-way conversation – not a one sided pitch.
    .-= Gabriella recently posted: 5 Tips to Learning SEO and Not Getting Frustrated =-.

  5. Jan says:

    Hey Gabriella,

    thanks for this article. I also don't like SEO spam and totally agree to value your readers. It's a good idea to give usefull keyword relevant tipps to your target readership.

    It's not easy to get to know your audience well but in my opinion there is no other choice in the long run.

    Best whishes,
    .-= Jan recently posted: Google Algorithmus – Wird Benutzerfreundlichkeit das neue Rankingkriterium =-.

  6. This is a great article, and one that I have learned the hard way. It's so true that it's better to deleiver quality to your readers then quantity. If they wanted articles that are uninformative and bland just to keep a scheduele, they have a wide assortment of sites for that.

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  8. the post which you have made is really fascinating to me.
    As SEO i think not only content is important, they are many other things you shsould have take care of.

    • Yes, SEO services there are many more aspect. But this was about Connections and how to use them with your content. At the end of the day if you are only looking at keywords to optimize your site then you are short sighted.

      Traffic is useless without connections/conversions. Millions of users can get on your site but what good is it if the traffic is not targeted? Please understand I like SEO, I wholeheartedly agree that you need to start with SEO in any campaign. But no matter what you are telling people SEO without connection or great content is like throwing pasta on a wall to see if it sticks.
      .-= Gabriella Sannino recently posted: 4 Lessons for Creating a SEO Content Treasure Trove =-.