POLL: How To Declutter Your SEO Office

by Dana Lookadoo May 12th, 2011 

How many tools do you really need around your SEO office - your virtual SEO workspace? Search engine optimizers need tools to evaluate traffic, competition, rankings, link data, site analytics, etc.

  • Are you are all-in-one type of SEO who only uses one tool and one data set?
  • Are you a handyman SEO who has a tool belt with multiple variations of analysis and ranking tools?
  • Do you fancy yourself a do-it-yourself SEO who prefers no tools to ensure you are not disconnected from the process?


We all know the best tool is your brain, but even it needs augmenting. Tools need to match the job. "Mom and pops" and "industrial strength powerhouses" may need different SEO insights depending upon the type of website and competitive landscape.

I often think of Ann Smarty as the "SEO Tool Queen." When reading her "Online SEO Tools ā€“ the Ultimate Collection," you wonder how she organizes and keeps track of so many various tools for search engine optimization. And when it comes to keyword research, Lee Odden gets an award for "Keyword Research Guru" with his "Best Keyword Research Tools" pool that identifies a plethora of tools for evaluating query demand.

I use a variety of data sets for keyword research and plan to keep it that way. For SEO, I'm using more tools than I can keep organized - multiple tools and plugins scattered all over my SEO office. They don't always "spit out" the same information. Often, there is "redundancy."

HELP! I need to declutter!

I recently called for your help with my 12-Step Program to Buy Back Time, and Iā€™m asking for your insight again! As a search engine optimizer...

  • Do you pay for multiple tools for analyzing competition, links, ranking etc., spending hundreds of dollars a month?
  • Is it necessary to have multiple tools and data sets all over your SEO office?

Cast your vote (multiple choice):

The poll is open until midnight May 19, 2011. Leave your insights on how you organize your SEO office.

Dana Lookadoo

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7 Responses to “POLL: How To Declutter Your SEO Office”

  1. Jim Rudnick says:

    I love Majestic…it's authoritative link analysis is beyond all the other players in that space IMHO!

    Suprised too, that it wasn't included….



    • Jim, I skipped Majestic, SEM Rush, and a slough of great tools that help with insight and analysis. I should have qualified that I was looking at tools for overall ongoing management (managing a campaign, rank checking, link building management). In hindsight, I should have included more or narrowed the list down.

      Thank you for your input!

      When the poll is closed, we'll edit this to include the results and those suggested under "Other." I hope you voted and mentioned Majestic SEO.

  2. Jim Rudnick says:

    @Dana…sure did, vote for same I mean…and thanks!

    Oh, for my own rank checking, we moved to RankTracker by Link-Assistant about 10 months ago or so…love that app and it's adding, I've noted lately, more add-on tools too….



  3. rockfishsearch uses advanced google query functions, GWT, GA, SKtool2, GI, GT, bing webmaster tools, MSFT powerpoint and excel as seo tools.

  4. Steve says:

    Analytics SEO isn't there?

    I am very surprised there aren't more people using this tool. Closest thing I have found to being able to use one tool for campaigns.

    The tools I use a lot are:

    Analytics SEO
    Advanced Web Rankings

    Market Samurai is worth a look for bloggers / SEO hobbbyists etc.

    Majestic should be used by anyone serious.

    Just my two cents…

    Steve :-)