SEO Scoop's 2006 Stats

by Donna Fontenot December 27th, 2006 

Since SEOmoz is sort of requesting bloggers' stats, and Graywolf has followed suit, I thought I'd share some stats as well. Unfortunately, I changed hosts earlier this year, so I only have some stats since April. In addition, the stats available to me are minimal, and for SEO Scoop, I didn't really see a need to try to work with a better stats program. So really, all I have to offer are the monthly visits since April, which are:

Monthly Visits 2006

61283 December
68339 November
60859 October
59851 September
57340 August
54130 July
51665 June
37973 May
30420 April

That's it folks. Nothing exciting to share, but just thought I'd join in the end of year stats-sharing festivities. Thanks to all who contributed to those visits. May your 2007 SEO efforts be fruitful and success is the end result of your hard work.

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5 Responses to “SEO Scoop's 2006 Stats”

  1. drum says:

    That is some nice growth over the year.

    Maybe I should do a post like this for my visitors too. I am afraid my numbers won't be as impressive.


  2. Donna,

    I think you're too modest. 60,000 visitors per month is not a small accomplishment at all!


  3. earlpearl says:

    That is a lot of traffic Donna. Congratulations

  4. randfish says:

    Donna – doubling your visitors over a year is quite impressive; bravo!

    Now we just need to get you some fancier stats so you can have referrers and action tracking and all those other goodies!

  5. Wit says:

    …and birthday congratz to boot. Cheers Donna. Have a great day!