Jim Boykin and the Link Ninja MishapHere is this weeks cartoon funny. For those not in the industry, Jim Boykin is a popular figure in the industry, and is credited with coining the term "link ninja".


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6 Responses to “SEP Cartoon – Jim Boykin and the Link Ninja Mishap”

  1. Jim Boykin says:

    I love it. I think I'll frame that and put in on the wall.

  2. Ross Dunn says:

    Awesome! A great likeness of Jim! Hey Jeff, I didn't know you could draw so well 😉

  3. Jeff Quipp says:

    Hey Jim … we also thought of titling it "Is that you Matt?". Glad you like it!

  4. Jeff Quipp says:

    Hey Ross,

    Definitely not my handy work! We're just really lucky we've got such talented people in house.

    Congrats on your wedding!

  5. Sujan Patel says:

    LOL Isn't Jim the ultimate link ninja?

  6. Peter Wood says:

    Very, very funny – brightened up my dull day at work.