1 in 3 Mobile Phones Is A Smartphone #stats

by Ruud Hein June 6th, 2011 


Close to 1 of every 5 Canadians owns a smartphone. That is: every 3rd mobile mobile phone is a smartphone.

Those numbers are more or less on a par with other countries.


Close to 6 of every 10 Canadians owns a mobile phone.


Canada's most popular smartphone platform is RIM's Blackberry. Apple is trailing more than 10% behind. The remainder of the market is fragmented without a clear market leader.

Ruud Hein

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Ruud Hein

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3 Responses to “1 in 3 Mobile Phones Is A Smartphone #stats”

  1. Jon Wade says:

    I find it amazing that Blackberry is still holding its ground. Maybe just personal preference, but I tried a Blackberry after having a touch screen phone with a slide out keyboard, and found Blackberries to be very cumbersome. Businesses just love them though. Maybe mobile networks push them as they are less resource hungry on the networks?

    • Ruud Hein says:

      World-wide the picture looks a bit different but here in Canada Blackberry is the business thing to go. Way you get a laptop, you get a Blackberry, often.

  2. Jon Wade says:

    Blackberries are still the leading business phone here in the UK too, or at least they were when I was last chatting to a chap in a T-mobile shop. When I was sold a business contract I was sent a Blackberry, Orange generally provide a free Blackberry with business contracts.