We have all read the engage story a million and one times when reading about social networking for businesses and to be quite frank Im sick of the repetition. There is so much more to social media and if you read a ten tips to social media marketing you will get the same advice over and over again. Im not saying these are not useful, if anything they are the foundations, but if you really want to go above and beyond in your social media campaign then take these words on board for 2012.

Round The Clock


Whether youre using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any other social network, it is important to stay active 24/7. Everyone has their peak times and they do vary, you need to accommodate for your fans that are in different time zones. You can find this information out on Twitter easily and also Facebook by looking at your insights.

It is likely that you have a few followers from across the pond so you need to provide for them or lose them. One simple trick is to use a social media management system, like Tweetdeck, and schedule updates that you have already posted for 12 hours prior to when they were posted. This will help expose your account and business to users all round the world as much as possible.

Digital Footprint


We have all posted something on Facebook that has got us into a bit of trouble either the instant it was there or years ahead in time. Whatever the case, we need to remember that we all have a digital footprint and sometimes it can come back to haunt us.

When representing a business or company it is vital that you maintain a positive image constantly. One mistake could go viral and attract a swarm of attention from social networkers which can leave your company badly burned in the long term.

To avoid this, remember that you are using your business profile, or that you are representing someone and need to act in a certain etiquette. Every time you post something, think carefully about what youre going to say because it could make or break your social media campaign.

Interacting, But Not As You Know It


We have been told to interact time and time again, and the majority of us do. Our followers and fans are responded too almost instantly. Its not just the followers and fans we need to interact with. Many social media marketers will be monitoring their competitors to help keep them ahead of the game. How many social media marketers actually interact with their competitors? It is a huge benefit to talk to those youre in competition with for a few reasons.

The first is that when talking to them, it will show your name in their feed which will naturally pull in a few followers out of curiosity. I think this is one of the most beneficial as it can bring along more potential customers.

It will help to build a relationship between your company and your competitors, this is a great thing because it will help you keep up with news and developments in the industry that you may not have had in the past. It also helps to open up other business strategies that you may not have thought of.

Finally it may create business opportunities between businesses, the type and severity of the opportunity will change between niches but it is a possibility.


There are a countless amount of social media tips which are repeated time and time again, but we all need to take a step back and think outside the box, try things in a new light. This is a huge part of the experimentation process of social media, and with each campaign, nothing will be exactly the same.

By using your own experience to create your campaign you will find a tactic that may be slow growing, but natural, ethical and represents your business perfectly.

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Ben Austin

My name is Ben and I am the CEO at Absolute Digital Media.

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