Use Of Your Own Accounts While Working On Your Boss's Time...

It doesn't take a genius to work out that if you are doing your own socializing on your work time, you are simply stealing time from your boss.

Some people believe they have a right to socialize in work's time, in fact, I once believed that myself in my early working days. But most people quickly realize you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

The thing about Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks is that you publicly display to the world the exact time at which you wrote published your comments. It's not going to take much to work out that you should have been working at this time!

There are some modern companies who understand that some flexibility here is important as part of the employee's welfare, in the same way that if you make one or two quick personal calls per day, no-one is going to say much. But you have to really police this yourself - make sure that you spend only a few minutes doing this at a time, and make it part of a natural break in your work. Once or twice a day is plenty - there is no-one in your life who needs you that badly who wouldn't phone you or get someone to call you in a genuine emergency!

Plus, if you make a point of tweeting or posting something positive about your company or your work in that time, you're going to have a way out if your boss decides to pick on you that day.

It all boils down to respect. Sadly some employees wait to feel respected instead of earning respect... it never comes and then it's easy to justify 2 or 3 hours or more of faffing about on the net doing your social networking... once you lose your job over it, you still maintain you haven't done anything wrong!

TIP: Make sure you earn respect - you do this by doing things that are respectable! Then you can maintain your social life through work time, discretely and without interfering with your output.

Dan O'Neil

Having struggled all my life with confidence and self-esteem, I spent several years getting over it. I now have the privilege of helping really nice people stop getting walked all over and start living a life free from self-doubt, worry and fear. I write confidence articles over on my website.

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2 Responses to “How To Stay Genuine Online On Your Boss's Time: Stealing Time from Your Boss”

  1. I quite agree with you Dan. There should be a balance between your Primary duty at work and socializing. No one says you shouldn't mingle and share tips, but be focused on your work. I work for a web design firm, and I also run my internet freelance writing business.

    I've figured out the exact balance that works. Your concept is superb. Have a great day.

  2. Dan O'Neil says:

    Thanks Michael, hopefully you made your comment on your own time!!!