3 Social Media Apps for Organizing Your Online Life

by Brian Rogel January 18th, 2011 

Feeling cluttered and overwhelmed is a natural occurrence in the world of social media and SEO. Up until now we were able to keep the two industries fairly separate. That all ended when Google and Bing confirmed social networkings role in search engine results. There has never been a bigger need for organization, so its time for a little online holiday cleaning.

Here are three desktop applications that will help to get you back on track.

Personal Social Networking


Seesmic Desktop

Seesmic is one of the best options if you are trying to organize your social network. You can mix and match 50 of your favorite services including; Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Buzz, and Foursquare. This is one of the largest collections available through a desktop application.

Seesmic even helps in organizing non social networking feeds. Outside websites can now integrate to allow for greater functionality. This currently includes salesforce.com as well as Google reader. EBay will be a part of the Seesmic team shortly to incorporate a running feed of items youre bidding on. If you need a one stop shop focused on social networking, Seesmic is a great place to start.

Total Online Presence



If your clutter has expanded past social networking you may want to look into Digsby. This service organizes all areas of your online life. Along with the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn) you will also be able to organize multiple instant messaging accounts. This means no more bouncing back and forth between platforms depending on who youre talking with. It even includes the option to merge contacts to avoid duplicates showing up in your list of friends.

Digsby includes the ability to send SMS messages directly from your desktop. It also acts as a hub for multiple email accounts (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail, IMAP, and POP.) This is a huge plus for anyone with separate work and personal emails. Combining your social media, SMS, instant messages, and emails will save a countless amount of time.

Business and Blogging



If youre running a blog or business Hootsuite is an invaluable tool. Hootsuites allows for multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts to be linked to the same place. This solves the frustrating problem of constantly logging in and out of different accounts.

For the blogging world it gives you the ability to view, manage, schedule, and post directly to your blog. It is currently limited to only WordPress blogs, but I wouldnt be surprised if other blogging platforms were soon to follow.

In order to better track your networking success Hootsuite comes with built in analytics. This gives you the opportunity to see what messages create higher click-through rates. Finally, each profile is built for seamless team integration. That way multiple bloggers or coworkers can be working on the same project simultaneously. When it comes to a business solution to social networking, its hard to beat Hootsuite.

Brian Rogel

Brian Rogel is the CEO of Synactable Web Design and co-founder of the Charleston Blogs search engine.

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5 Responses to “3 Social Media Apps for Organizing Your Online Life”

  1. Karl says:

    I use Digsby, and I find it extremely efficient. The best part about this application is it doesn’t clutter your desktop or your browser, and provides easy access to all the networking sites. However, instead of installing the software, I feel it would have been more convenient, had it been online.
    .-= Karl recently posted: What is a DECT Phones =-.

    • Brian Rogel says:

      Hi Karl,
      Really great point about Digsby. It has a very simplistic feel, which is important when combining multiple social media platforms into one place.

      There are definitely pluses and minuses to using it as an outside application. I think the best solutions is to offer both a desktop version as well as an in-browser version. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Moosa Hemani says:

    Awesome post till the last sentence :)

    I don't think Hootsuite is good for nothing but i left hootsuite and went for tweetdeck and i feel more better then hootsuite.

    but else then this i agrre with every single word of it!!
    .-= Moosa Hemani recently posted: mmhemani- Is there anyway you can put moderation on Facebook Comment box widget =-.

    • Brian Rogel says:

      Hi Moosa,
      Tweetdeck is an awesome platform and shares a lot of the same functionalities. What swayed me to Hootsuite was that it allowed for multiple users to simultaneously use multiple accounts. This, along with the built in analytics make it great for a business or multi-author blog. Thanks!

  3. Gemma says:

    I started using Hootesuite and teetdeck at the same time, and have found that I only really use tweetdeck.
    As someone who likes to be organised I like the idea of Seesmic. Thanks for the info.