Social Media By the Numbers: LinkedIn

by Tom Tsinas November 4th, 2007 

Professionally, LinkedIn is my main social network. It provides for a more focused business networking environment than most social media sites. It

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10 Responses to “Social Media By the Numbers: LinkedIn”

  1. Matt Ridout says:

    Interesting post, I have always been a big fan of LinkedIn!

  2. Great information! We've had at least one client come to us through LinkedIn!

    I should spend more time on there. :)

  3. I don't see LinkedIn as a Social Network. It's more like an interactive CV / resume than anything else.

    While this might just be more of a reflection of the people I know, but when I ask around, I've yet to find anyone who's gained any work or job placement directly or indirectly via LinkedIn.

    I'm on there

  4. AAARenee says:

    I've been LinkedIn since December 2003 and strongly agree with your observations. — After a long journey, I

  5. Mike Volpe says:

    Great stats! Thanks for putting this together. I agree that LinkedIn is king for business social networking. Facebook is getting a ton of press, but I think it is just not set up for business. See this article I wrote on the topic.

  6. Beech says:

    I agree with Wayne. LinkedIn is very static and maybe great for head hunters or people between jobs, but as a small business owner it doesn't help me to expand my network. If you look for something professional like LinkedIn and more interactive like Facebook then check out htp:// or

  7. jim says:

    I've been on LinkedIn for a while with over 80 good quality connections. I think it's helpful for credibility but I haven't found it drives people to buy my services.

  8. Great article Tom thanks for the info. Surprisingly I have been seeing some respectable activity occurring with Plaxo Pulse. A lot of people seem to be investing in building their networks there.

  9. Paul Diamond says:

    Also good for your seo tactics of course.. a Linkedin group link is a strong signal of social relevance for Google.

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