Social Media – Do Big Business Get It? SES Toronto 2009

by AAAA Deleted Authors June 9th, 2009 

The Social Media session I attended today at SES Toronto was the session I was the most excited in attending. At SEP we are extremely active on an internal level as well as a client level in Social Media Marketing.

So at this session I wanted to know what others in the industry think and what was there take on corporate involvement in social media.

I have to say that we all seem to be on the same page. That whether or not business' (big or small) get social media this is relative and that some do a great job at it and some not so much....

Mark Evans one of the panelists outlined 5 great myths about social media:
1. Social Media is Free
Social Media is NOT FREE... although to sign-up to most platforms maybe free the strategy, time and equity that need to be built and doing any of this takes energy and money. If a company is not able to commit to this investment they need to stay out of this space.
2. Social Media is Easy
Social Media is not easy. There has to be a tremendous amount of research, content development, engagement and tracking that goes into any social media effort.
3. Social Media is all About the Tools
The myth being that if you pick the correct platform the followers and conversions will follow. This is not so, if a sound business strategy is not developed specifically for each platform you engage in you will ultimately fail. And in order to create a strategy you need to define your goals and benchmarks. Why are you there? Will this be a link building effort? A branding effort or a lead generator?
4. Social Media is a Stand Alone Effort
Do not treat Social Media as an add on to a SEO or SEM push. Social Media Marketing is an independent effort and should be incorporated into a companys entire marketing mix.
5. Measuring ROI is Difficult
This is not true. There are great deals of great paid analytic programs that can help you track your efforts. Such as Scoutlab8 but you can do this very simply through your free Google Analytic program.

I have to say that Social Media has come a long way in a very short period of time and it was great to hear that others in the space are saying the same things we are;
Social Media is a great online marketing opportunity, only if it is taken seriously and done well!

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  2. Cool Gifts says:

    I agree that all five of those are myths. Too many people think the social media is cheap and easy. This is entirely not true, which is why many companies hire contractors or even full time employees to focus solely on social media.

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