Start Today to Achieve Your Long Term Goals

by Will Reinhardt May 11th, 2010 

On the internet so much can happen in just a day or week that long term planning for events that are months or years away don't come easily to small sales teams. By spending a bit of time focusing on these long term dates you'll set yourself up to reap the rewards when those dates finally arrive.

Start Planning for Tomorrow

You need to learn where to find what's new and exciting in your particular niche, and then target those releases as best as you can. For example, if your site is about popular entertainment, animation or even voice acting, you could start writing about Pixar films that will be coming out long before they hit the mainstream media. Toy Story 3? Old news! Start writing about "Newt" (2011), "The Bear and the Bow" (2011) and even "Cars 2" (2012). What can you do to convince Google that you are the go-to source for information on these films? When those movies come out on DVD starting in Christmas of 2011, you'll have positioned yourself for the influx of parents searching for gifts.

Forward Thinking Wins the Prize

Movies are an easy long term goal to plan for, but there are many annual events as well. April 1st just came and went, but what's to stop you from planning something spectacular for April Fool's next year? Do you have an idea for a prank that requires a lot of people? You could contact the fine folks at Improv Everywhere and start coordinating with them on a giant plan that your company sponsors.

Have you already analyzed your Christmas traffic from last year? Find those products in your inventory that converted well during that time and start talking to your team now to make sure your Cyber Monday numbers exceed last year by a large margin. If you woke up the Monday before Thanksgiving last year only to realize that the holiday shopping season started later that same week, you really owe it to yourself and your team to start planning a lot sooner.

If you haven't started a newsletter yet, start one now and by the time November rolls around you should have a modest subscriber base to promote your holiday sales to.

Hopefully you're already planning for events farther out than next week. Once that first sales report hits your desk after that long term goal comes and goes I'm certain you'll be pleased with all of your planning.

Will Reinhardt is the administrator at SEO Keyword Ranking, where he helps professionals track their keyword rankings over time.

Will Reinhardt

Will Reinhardt helps professionals track their keyword rankings over time

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5 Responses to “Start Today to Achieve Your Long Term Goals”

  1. DazzlinDonna says:

    Oh yeah, absolutely, this is my favorite tactic. I don't utilize it as much as I should, but when I do, it works well more often than not. This also works well for whole new sites – keep your ears tuned for an entire site category to dominate before the concept reaches the attention of the world. Sometimes the concept fizzles, but when it sets the world back on its heels, and you've got a site already positioned as the leader for that concept, kowabunga baby! 😀

  2. Dr. Pete says:

    This reminds me a lot of good investment advice. A bunch of people ran out to buy Apple stock when the iPad was released, and what did they get? – overpriced stock. The ones who bought it when they heard the first rumors and knew they were on to something good are the ones who cashed out. Being a follower is like scrounging for table scraps.

  3. A lot of people start marketing when they have no business, but what they don't realize is by then its too late! You have to constantly balance long term and short term goals.

  4. Alex says:

    I do believe, that the key to achieve set goal is in small steps, but, please do forget , that withot true desier for achievment and our persistence will take us to our goal.
    The thing is, that in life we have some many external influences, that we forget to stay focus. And that’s the main reason why it takes much oonger to achieve our goal, or maybe this even eman, not achieving it at all.
    Therefore, BE PERSISTENT and fight for your goals.