The fall of a 50-ton truck

by Donna Fontenot September 12th, 2006 

Ever seen a 50-ton truck fall through a septic tank? I Yes, that's right. A contractor's truck drove right into my brand new septic tank today. Busted right through the top of the tank and broke the tank into several pieces.

There have been so many problems with this move that this one was just...funny. I mean, what else can you do but laugh.

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7 Responses to “The fall of a 50-ton truck”

  1. drum says:

    Wow! Sounds like you just need to laugh about it.

  2. everett says:

    I'm sorry that you are having so many troubles. It sounds like the worst move ever. But I'd probably still get a laugh if you posted a picture of that truck tipped into your septic tank. :)

  3. oatmeal says:

    Wow, that must have been really "crappy"

    I couldn't resist a lame pun, I'm sorry :)

  4. randfish says:

    I love how eloquent us SEOmozzers are :)

    Matt's just jealous 'cause he wishes he could see a 50 ton truck destroy a septic tank.

  5. bobmutch says:

    Er, how about a picture please. One with the truck would have been nice.

  6. DazzlinDonna says:

    Sorry, the cameras are packed away in a box somewhere in the pod. It would have been a great pic, though.

  7. seorock says:

    thanks God that the truck driver did not run into your house, or it would have been a disaster.