Face it, you got work to do and shouldn't be reading this right now in the first place – right? So let's do the long-story-short thing. You can lay your hands on some of the most impressive SEO software tools out there or get some Christmas money. How? Add your most interesting, original holiday link building ideas in the comments. Votes determine who wins. In case of a draw we'll use this list randomizer to decide.


Search Engine People and Link-Assistant.com, makers of some of the best SEO software, add cheer and joy to your holidays; win yourself a nice free Christmas SEO gift.

1st Prize: SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuiteSEO PowerSuite is Link-Assistant.com's flagship product where a unified interface integrates their power tools Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant.

Buying this toolset in an all-in-one environment makes working with data the different modules provides even easier.

$249 value

2nd Prize: Any Link Assistant SEO Tool


Runner-up has nothing to complain about with their pick of any of Link-Assistant.com's SEO tools:

  • Rank Tracker tracks, graphs and reports. Yoast calls it his "favorite rank checker".
  • WebSite Auditor is an SEO consultant in bits & bytes. Checking standard in-page optimization and analyzing offsite ranking factors, WebSite Auditor comes back with a customized, specific audit report which contains step-by-step actionable items on what to do where, how. Pretty impressive stuff.
  • SEO Spyglass has Yoast raving, Michael Gray satisfied and me showing both thumbs up. It's one of best link analysis tools I've seen, tested and use.
  • LinkAssistant has become a household name in the land of link building tools.

$99.75 value

3rd Prize: $50 Cash

cash money

Need I say more? It's money. Very versatile. Can be exchanged for goods and services. Portable. Flexible.

4th & 5th Prize: $25 Cash

Hey, it's Christmas OK – so sue me; we couldn't let it over our bleeding hearts that someone out there would go into the holidays feeling all sad they participated and made nothing. So we're stretching it to the limit here and saying, fine, have $25 on us.


Add your best, most original holiday link building idea, tip, technique, tactic or strategy to the comments. Make sure to enter with your valid email address or we can't reach you to give you your prize.

Winning depends on votes. In case of a draw/doubt we'll use a software randomizer to draw names.

Drawing will be on Wednesday, December 16.

On your marks…

Ruud Hein

My paid passion at Search Engine People sees me applying my passions and knowledge to a wide array of problems, ones I usually experience as challenges. People who know me know I love coffee.

Ruud Hein

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6 Responses to “The Great Christmas Link Assistant SEO Software Contest”

  1. Holiday link building? Okay…assuming this is different than everyday link building, I'd work with Santa's PR team to get a one-of-a-kind, North Pole-branded "Naughty Forgiveness Certificate" good for the removal of 1 level-one naughty incident (such as lying about their weight on a new Driver's License or re-gifting a fruitcake) from the bearer's Naughty List entry. This would be the Grand Prize for a sweepstakes. I'd then create a YouTube video contest (adding images to your favorite version of "Silent Night") that required entrants to include a link back to a sweepstakes squeeze page I have set up. The squeeze page would collect names and contact info for a "Get Off the List" list of moderately naughty people who want to turn their lives around and get back into Santa's good graces. I would create a video promoting the contest (naturally, starring all of the Elves) and encouraging all the Elves to post the video (with links back to the squeeze page) on their own Facebook pages and personal blogs and in tweets. There would also be a secondary prize for the "Get Off the List" affiliate who was responsible to creating the most links back to the squeeze page (perhaps an overstuffed Christmas stocking signed by Santa and Mrs. Claus). And of course, Santa, Mrs. Claus, and all the Elves would tweet about the contest, and encourage their followers to RT their updates with links back to the squeeze page. (Please note, this idea is copyrighted 2009, Kathleen Hanover.)

  2. Kurt says:

    Wow, Kathleen—that is detailed.

    My idea is a bit simpler. Get my hands on one of the hot toys of the season (say one of the Zhu Zhu pets–Mr. Squiggles, to be exact/..the antimony levels are safe, BTW/ or grab another in-demand game/toy).

    Post this on various contest sites, contact moderators of forums, etc. (In my experience, they appreciate it far more when you contact the forum mods directly, rather than post it using a throwaway account developed for that exact purpose.)

    In order to be entered in the contest, they would have to take an industry related survey(based on the industry you are in, or promoting.)

    Once they take the contest, they have the option to reTweet to their followers, and/or re-post the contest to FB.

    When the survey is over, sift through the data gathered.

    Post the results to the company/industry related blog, thus garnering links from your vertical to the industry related survey data, in a twofer.

    That's the best I have.

  3. Those two are very nice ideas.

    I would go for this one:
    As christmas arrives people intend to search for different topics. Everybody is really busy as mentioned before in this blog and wants to have their christmas gifts A.S.A.P. The conditions for the gifts they want to buy are that the gifts are original and personal and they need to be able to get it fast and efficient obviously because of time constraints.

    I would promote for keywords related to personal and original. Ways to do this is to enter forums and to tell them about ideas to get presents and link presents with people traits. For instance, I could describe some different persons and what kind of gift they could get. Forums that could be entered are forums about specific artist or hobbies that are related to my presents. In forums there are very good link opportunities, and of course I can start discussions with other people. This discussion can be followed on twitter and other social media. Also I can write blogs to support my view.

    A second idea is rather simple. With christmas everybody intends to send out christmas cards to their friends and family. Also companies send card and gifts to their customers and partners. Why not make a online card on a website and send the link via email. Also via social media, twitter and through your own personal blog. Thanking everybody for the great year you had and of course wish them a very good 2010. Have a original video on the website and I bet you can get people to spread your video as well.
    .-= Stijn Driessen recently posted: Vacature Campagne Assistent =-.

  4. Domenick says:

    Now, I would have started this 5-6 months out. I would have found 5 local small or medium sized biz sponsors who would be willing to come up with 150 dollars for a total of 750 which would be matched for a total of $1500. In return,each sponsor would be able to get a premium wordpress theme installation, customization, seo plugins install and customization,google analytics install and local search directory submission including the big 3.

    I will go to my local toys for tots here in Aurora, Colorado and get them to co-sponsor since all proceeds will go to them.

    I will create a Christmas page on my site explaining about the toys for tots program and how a simple placing of a link that can be verified on personal blogs, social networks of any kind will be worth $5. I will tell everybody that the goal is to get 350 different sites with a link pointing back to the Christmas page. Each link has to be verified by Dec.7th and valid come Dec.15th.

    I will use all of my social networks{twitter,facebook,linkedin,myspace,etc} of local Colorado friends and followers along with the help of my personal friends social networks with the hopes of getting 350 links point back to my sites Christmas page, and if I only managed to get one link toys for tots still get's 1500 dollars some kids gets some toys, I'll be helping some businesses get a website or redesign if wanted, and we'll all have a Merry, Merry, Christmas!

  5. Daniel says:

    Run a Christmas Competition :)

    I've had some great success this year with giveaway Christmas hampers. For one client (a luxury goods manufacturer) we identified 40 high value link targets, pretty much an even split between mainstream media outlets and bloggers in their space. Each was sent a hamper with a value of around £100, including Chocolates, Champagne, and of course a sample of the client's product…in this case an exclusive leather purse in bright red leather with a white fur trim. There was also a card wishing them well, along with the website address.

    So far we've gained 12 rock solid links out of this from highly relevant, high authority sources (including several major UK newspapers…really powerful links). The hampers only went out last Friday so I expect we'll get more out of it by Christmas too. It's a fairly big outlay for this kind of thing but has worked really well for us…I'd happily hand over £4k in cash to get the same links.

    Another idea I wanted to try this year but didn't have time for was to kick off a campaign, either with local businesses or fellow companies in a given sector, to support the One Laptop Per Child Foundation. The idea is basically to spearhead a campaign in your area/industry to do away with corporate gifting this Xmas, and tell your customers you've bought a laptop for a child in need in Africa instead.

    I'd prominently feature this initiative on the home page, along with a page of info on the program and thoughts on why this is more in the spirit of the season than sending fellow execs bottles of booze (or whatever). Perhaps a "sign up" page too so companies can be added to a list of supporters shown on the site (adding a social proof to the concept). By promoting this across your entire CRM database I'd expect to get a fair amount of interest and links, and with an effective social media campaign this could even snowball beyond your industry/area and become a larger phenomenon.

    After Christmas you can simply 301 the campaign page to your home page, or just add some keyword rich links to the campaign page to elsewhere in your site. I doubt you'd get much in the way of useful anchor text but for volume and domain diversity I think this could work out very well, and your links would be from sites in your industry/area so there is some relevance.

    Best of all, the absolute worst that can happen is you've spent a lot of time, got no or few links, and some underprivileged children get a big boost to their education. Personally I'd still call that a great result!

  6. Ruud Hein says:

    And the winners are:
    #1 Kathleen
    #2 Stijn
    #3 Daniel
    #4 Kurt
    #5 Domenick

    The winners are already notified :)