Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says 80% of its advertisers renew their campaign.

From EOY 2010 to medio 2011 the number of advertisers on Twitter grew from 150 to 600; a 300% growth.

The advertisers are expected to bring Twitter $150 million in advertisement revenue this year.

80% of Twitter advertisers renew

Number of advertisers on Twitter

Ruud Hein

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Ruud Hein

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2 Responses to “Twitter: 300% Advertiser Growth With 80% Retention #stats”

  1. Heba Hosny says:

    You know, Ruud these stats are not surpising to me a bit. Twitter has given advertisers every reason to stick around and triple in volume.

    I love Twitter 2.0 and all the great features it presents and I think the $150 million 2011 revenue estimation may be way below the actual number.

    Fingers crossed :). Let's wait and see…

    • Ruud Hein says:

      I've been a fan since a while (together with Hootsuite the Twitter web interface is one of my fav ways to access the service). Can't say I remember acting on advertisement though. Then again, nobody of us can yet we all know all kinds of brand names :)