Underused Free Competitive Intelligence Tools

by The Guy March 9th, 2007 

There are myriad free tools abounding on the Internet, some more useful than others.

Deserving of a mention, in my estimation, are Yahoo! Search Suggestion Tool (formerly Overture) and the recently unleashed KeywordDiscovery.com Tool.

But there are other equally interesting and informative tools that can provide hours of fun for the whole family. Okay, well maybe not for the whole family. But the hours of fun part, that's true. Hours. Seriously.

Today, Google Trends, which is one of those tools that should be mentioned a lot but seems to be woefully underused. And it's free!

As a competitive tool, it can inform you about your placement with regard to your competitors' (search volume permitting). It's also invaluable about market trends and indicators.

Do a Google Trends search for "Christmas shopping" versus "Christmas gift ideas". While Christmas shopping is the lesser of the two, notice the gradual build "Christmas shopping" versus the last minute panic "Christmas gift ideas".

And why, you ask, would I be searching for Christmas terms in March?

Told ya, hours of fun. Seriously.

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy

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