Here it's Friday, the weekend is at the door and you know what I'm thinking?


Now I can get some stuff done without all the stress…

That's the weekend I'm looking forward to.

497202663_eb4cd8db28_t I want to read up, and search about, AIRWeb 2008 because honestly an "International Workshop on Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web" sounds just like my thing.

I want to revisit Word Order in phrase important? to parse some things Orion said there.

I want to spend some more time with Niall Kennedy's proof-of-concept post sniff browser history for improved user experience.

I want to finally check out that link Who Owns What 2.1?

2157731459_21c367100b_t Besides that I want to play around with some JavaScript-written CSS to try something and see how search engines react to it. I have a bunch of stats I would like to look at especially as I have the feeling that two of them go together, one explaining a spike in the other. There's a client blog I would like to tweak some stuff on just to make it a bit nicer and… and…

You are insane! No you are… No…

If you think I'm the odd one out, think again.

Last Friday at 8PM Miriam Ellis-Loraditch wrote at her SEO Igloo Blog about the honorable SEMMY mention the blog had received.

On a perfect Saturday Jeffrey from SEO Design Solutions thought, hey, this is just the right time to write about Web Analytics & Website User Interaction!

Early Sunday, or late at night, Kim "SpostareDuro" Bock blogs about SEO/M in StumbleUpon while her beau Bill "SEO by the Sea" Slawski prefers a light afternoon snack of Yahoo on Collecting User Data for Web Site Profiling.

Instead of having supper, Aaron Wall writes about how Selling Ads Without a Precise Brand = Bad Business Model.

And mind you, none of these people, you and I included, are miserable: this is what we actually want to do with our weekend and anything else is just a distraction.

You're a Nerd


A nerd needs a project because a nerd builds stuff. All the time. Those lulls in the conversation over dinner? That's the nerd working on his project in his head.
The Nerd Handbook

Now let me go back to work and stop bugging me ….