What Are They Smoking?

by Donna Fontenot October 27th, 2007 

How much trust can you place in the algo of a company that gives a PR3 to Youtube, for crying out loud? Let's see. Either...

  • Google mucked up the entire PR thing, and the whole thing has been just a huge mistake on their part, with nothing being intentional.
  • Google really did purposely punish some sites and somehow their finger slipped and they also punished THEIR OWN SITE, giving Youtube a PR3.
  • Some combination of the above

I'm really starting to wonder about the geniuses they hire.

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7 Responses to “What Are They Smoking?”

  1. gabs says:

    I've been thinking all week is it a cover up for the fact that adsense reports are still a mess… ??

    All the blogs about adsense have been almost ignored due to the buzz about pr..

    Diversion tactics.. ?

    Sure isn't the first time…

  2. Dave Dugdale says:

    I think turn that inaccurate green toolbar device off, so it would be one less thing to worry about.

  3. MAcsSNAcs says:

    I see PR 8 here….

  4. vic berggren says:

    Ha, that's hilarious… maybe they won't be showing up in universal search now:)

    My site got dinged from PR5 to PR4 and the only paid links related to my site are Google AdWords, go figure.

  5. I suspect there is right at this moment a great deal of research happening to determine the obviously "new" computations of the PR algo.

    First of I do not mean TBPR…Pull the PR in smart PR or similar for a few sites. The ones where the PR has settled and all the data centers are showing the same PR, then check their links.

    I see PR 3's with less than 100 IBLs. While other PR 3's that did not receive an increase have 1500 or better. I can only presume the algo has changed. Factors have been added, and links do not weigh what they used to.

    So while we do not know what those factors may be right now. Look at YouTube main with your SEO eyes, and evaluate the site. I think you will find while the site has massive IBLs…It is lacking in many other potent metrics, that may logically be a portion of this new algo. Whatever it may contain.

    Additionally, while the domain is a PR3 as you have pointed out…Many of the inner pages appear to have a much higher PR…Which may or may not be accurate. The domain url PR 3 seems to be settled in all data centers, but 1 ..Google English.

    I suspect we can toss out those link charts relating to relative PR at this point…But time will tell. Who knows, maybe it's a glitch and we'll see a correction update.


  6. Hi Donna,

    My blog got a -2 points, from PR5 to PR3. I don't buy and I don't sell links, but I know for sure that my inbound links are always more because my SEO blog is becoming popular in Italy.

    I also work for eBay on the site kijiji, and if you have a look to milano.kijiji.it you will see that we lost a point here also. This is just incredibil…. I think it's just a huge bug on the algho…

  7. boris says:

    You have a very valid point… I wonder if they share?