With the economy hurting, what are you doing to stay relevant? More and more people are looking for helpful 'free' advice than ever before. Advice on how to create the perfect resume, how to start a business, how to find that great job and how to manage personal finances in a period where the banks are not lending like they once did. It's tough out there, and no doubt people are looking for guidance and direction on how they can stay on the right side of the unemployment line and prosper as global GDP sinks to low-points that we have not seen in years.

When blogging these days, it's important to be relevant, unique and timely. Furthermore, it's a good idea to be sensitive to your audience. Think about who is reading what you are writing about and how the content may be perceived. The recent announcement that global insurance giant AIG will be paying executive bonuses using tax-payer monies has certainly shaken up a negative stir with the public and has President Obama looking to prevent it from happening. Blogs can be powerful, meaningful and allow for people to debate issues and make sense of it all within a given community, but they must be relevant, tasteful and accountable as well.

What are you blogging about? Are you speaking of topics that matter in times like these? Are you providing value in your advice and helping people with what matters most? Think about it…..