What are you blogging about?

by Ron Kunitzky March 17th, 2009 

With the economy hurting, what are you doing to stay relevant? More and more people are looking for helpful 'free' advice than ever before. Advice on how to create the perfect resume, how to start a business, how to find that great job and how to manage personal finances in a period where the banks are not lending like they once did. It's tough out there, and no doubt people are looking for guidance and direction on how they can stay on the right side of the unemployment line and prosper as global GDP sinks to low-points that we have not seen in years.

When blogging these days, it's important to be relevant, unique and timely. Furthermore, it's a good idea to be sensitive to your audience. Think about who is reading what you are writing about and how the content may be perceived. The recent announcement that global insurance giant AIG will be paying executive bonuses using tax-payer monies has certainly shaken up a negative stir with the public and has President Obama looking to prevent it from happening. Blogs can be powerful, meaningful and allow for people to debate issues and make sense of it all within a given community, but they must be relevant, tasteful and accountable as well.

What are you blogging about? Are you speaking of topics that matter in times like these? Are you providing value in your advice and helping people with what matters most? Think about it.....

Ron Kunitzky

Ron Kunitzky, an expert in strategic business affiliations and partnerships is the founder of Geyser Marketing Group, and has successfully brokered partnership marketing programs for companies as varied as Coastal Contacts, Dell Computer, NASDAQ, and 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Geyser Marketing Group

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9 Responses to “What are you blogging about?”

  1. George says:

    Actually, it's really hard to stick to a regular blogging schedule let alone be relevant! I get your point though. I think relating to peoples needs can go a long way in a rough economy.

  2. I blog about ways for website owners to generate more income and more traffic.

  3. Currently I am only posting comment on blogs, but soon I hope to have my own where I can indulge my viewpoints on this crazy world we all live in. Making money from online endeavours does seem to be a common topic, finding one's niche in this general genre seems to be the trick.

  4. Greg says:

    So far? Blogging about not much that is of interest to a mass market. I seem to remember that being the original point of a blog. 😉

    This trend for turning blogs and Twitter into PR and Marketing vehicles is great. I use it myself in my daily work, and I enjoy having that sort of blog "focus" (a corporate blog focusing on what the company does)… it makes the writing feel like it has more of a point.

    But on my own time? I'm quite happy to not have much of a point to my blog. :)

  5. newmediaMike says:

    I blog about SEO and Digital Content (Blogs, podcasts, video on the web) Creation Tips. Most of my concentration right now is on the SEO tips.

  6. Erin says:

    I am blogging about "boutiquing". Boutiquing is more than shopping. Boutiquing is experiencing, learning, and remembering the journey. My blog has two main goals, one is to support small business' during these tough times and two, show shoppers they can still enjoy a shopping experience on an ever increasingly smaller budget. When the dust settles, I am hoping more than large multi store retail chains will be standing.

    One of the reasons I started blogging was to offer information on my area of expertise while staying connected with those who share my passion for boutiquing. Thank you for discussing the issue of relevance. With each blog I write you reminded me to ask myself, "What information am I offering my audience?"

  7. Muri Online says:

    I blog about my passion and then as I concern about my longtail traffic,I started to blog base on the "long tail suggestion,mostly will talk about general solutions,and since I am not competing with other blogger ,I think my reader ,found already what means "relevance blog content on my site

  8. mattew says:

    Right now, I am reading different blogs and discussing with people to learn different things. After that I think I would be able to start a good blog.

  9. Kai Lo says:

    I blog about making money online with blogs. The niche is timeless, and everyone loves money.