Why I Blog (meme)

by Donna Fontenot April 9th, 2007 

I was tagged by Michael Jensen in a blog meme of "Why I Blog", which I suppose is different from "Why I Started Blogging". I started blogging so that I would have a place to point people to for frequently asked questions. But that's not why I STILL blog. So here's the 5 reasons, followed by 5 people I'm tagging.

  1. Because I can…which is another way of saying because it's a form of expression. Like any artist, whether or not that artist is any good, a blogger feels the need to express him/herself. Not all artists or bloggers are talented, but all feel the need to express themselves in their chosen format. Blogging enables us (me) to express myself, regardless of talent.
  2. Because it has become a self-imposed obligation. Once a blogger has blogged for some time (about 3 years in my case), he or she may feel obligated to continue. I know I feel an obligation to anyone who drops by. I'm under no contract to blog, but I've established a self-imposed contract with myself to provide content to those who expect it.
  3. Because who else would listen and understand? Certainly not my real life compadres.
  4. Because my natural tendency is to teach. I earned my degree in education, and have been an "educator" in some capacity in nearly everything I've ever done. What I learn, I pass along.
  5. Because I believe in "giving back". Throughout my numerous careeers, others have always given freely of their time to teach me what I needed to know. I've always believed that I, in turn, needed to give of my time and knowledge as well. Give and take is an important concept in so many different facets of life.

The most difficult part of any meme, in my opinion, is the tagging. Luckily, SoloSEO has once again set up a meme tracker, so we at least know who has already been tagged. Here are the 5 people I am tagging (even if they don't want to be tagged). :)

Reuben Yau
Kim Krause Berg
Debra Mastaler
Jennifer Laycock

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