Wordze Keyword Research Tool

by Donna Fontenot May 31st, 2007 

Any good SEO will tell you that keyword research is your very first priority. There are several keyword research tools available. I've tried them all, and let you know what I think of them. Today I'm going to focus on what may be the best of the best. Wordze is one of the newest keyword research tools to hit the netwaves.* It's less than a year old, but it has the flair of an old experienced SEO tool.

Wordze pretty much blows other tools right out of the water because it goes so much farther than any of the others that I've tried. It doesn't just stop at giving you the historical data and KEI. It digs into the competitions' sites, giving you information on what they are aiming for. It assesses the competition, showing you just how tough it will be to rank for a keyword phrase. You even get to see the average number of links that the top 10 sites are building each month. Other goodies include site age, number of .gov and .edu links, and more info from the top ranked sites for a phrase...and then compare it to its own database of keyword and demographic data to give you the information you need to make decisions.

Keyword research is important, but going that step further, into keyword difficulty analysis (which they call WordRank) is what makes me like this particular tool so much. There's tons more features such as:

*import keyword lists from other services
*see current top searches
*export in various formats
*manage unlimited projects

You can see details about all the different features by taking the tour.

The combination of good keyword research data, combined with good keyword difficulty analysis data is what makes this one a winner, in my opinion. It's great to see some innovation in this area.

* Netwaves are like broadcasting's airwaves, but for the Internet. Yeah, I just made that up. Yay me.

No, this is NOT a paid review. I just finally got around to taking a look at this SEO tool. I did, however, go ahead and sign up for their affiliate program, so those are affiliate links up above.

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4 Responses to “Wordze Keyword Research Tool”

  1. wilreynolds says:

    Hey Donna, Something to consider, let people know it is not a paid review at the top, I thought it was paid, since I saw affiliate links and only skimmed by. Or maybe I can start reading the whole posts in my RSS reader :)

    Thanks for the tip, I am checking them out as we speak. (type)

  2. DazzlinDonna says:

    And if I'd put it at the top, someone would have said I should put it at the bottom. LOL. 😀

  3. You think it's that inovative to pay 40$ every month for it?

  4. DazzlinDonna says:

    If (and let me repeat that IF) you plan to pay for keyword research anyway, then yes. Wordze certainly isn't the only tool that costs money. Of those that do cost money, it may be the best. All of the ones that cost money give more information than those that are free. So, it just depends on what your needs are.