8 Simple Tips That Will Make You Write Faster and Better

by Linda Stacy September 28th, 2012 

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Every small business owner needs more time. One way to find it is to work faster. For online business especially, writing places a big demand on time. Free up some of that time by using these simple tips to write faster and better.

  1. Type faster and more accurately. If you feel like your brain moves faster than your fingers or you are constantly backing up to fix typos, a typing course will improve your speed and accuracy. Your overall writing will likely improve as well because you can concentrate more on the content and less on finding your way around the keyboard.
  2. Split your writing tasks and do one task at a time:
    • Keep a list of ideas. There's nothing worse than spending time staring at a blank screen instead of writing. Keep an ongoing list of ideas so that you always have a topic at hand.
    • Research before starting to write. Get all your article research done in one sitting, ahead of time. Then spend your writing time doing just that - writing.
    • Edit later. Wait at least a few hours before starting your final edit. Taking a break between writing and editing lets you evaluate the piece with a fresh eye.
  3. Plan before you write. Write the article in your head before you put it on paper. While you're doing the dishes or driving to the grocery store, think about the approach you are going to take and the points you want to make.
  4. Use templates and outlines. Set up your own templates for article formats you use regularly. That way you can just fill in the blanks. For example, if you write product reviews your format might be a title, the introduction which describes the product and how it's used, the pros and cons, your rating, and the conclusion, stating whether you recommend the product and why.

    For articles that don't fit one of your templates, write an outline first and then go back and fill in the sections.

    Using templates and outlines also makes it easier to write out of order. You don't have to start at the beginning. You'll often find that the introduction is much easier to write when you do it last.

  5. Use a timer. Set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and stay highly focused during that time. Even if it's self-imposed, a time limit usually increases production. With the pre-planning and research you've already done and a template or outline, you can get a lot done during a 10-minute session.
  6. Or conversely, when you're in the writing zone, stay there and write, even it means putting off other tasks.
  7. Take a break. In between writing bursts or when you are stuck, do something totally unrelated to writing and content - go for a walk or play catch with your kid. A little movement is great for the brain as well as the body, and will help you think better and write better.
  8. Give up on perfection. Nobody's perfect, and at some point the piece is good enough to publish.

There are many different ways to become a faster and better writer, including participating in workshops both online and in your local community. But since you're already pressed for time, start improving your speed and proficiency today with these simple tips.

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Linda Stacy

Since 2002, Linda Stacy has been helping direct sales consultants market their opportunities online. She also writes about PLR sources.


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6 Responses to “8 Simple Tips That Will Make You Write Faster and Better”

  1. Use of a timer is really improves the overall production and management of multiple posts on various blogs. Nice Article.

  2. Linda, great idea about using a timer to stay focused. Another tip is to power off the cell phone and close email – other time-burning distractions.

  3. I especially like point 8. One thing that slow me down a lot is wanting things to be perfect!

  4. Linda Stacy says:

    Excellent point Yogendra. Time management is even more important when you write for multiple blogs.

    Maureen, thanks for the reminder that turning off distractions is crucial to staying focused. Email is the big one for me. I just can't seem to ignore new mail notifications. :)

    Gerri, I'm sure you'd agree that no matter how perfect we try to be, mistakes are inevitable. I think we all need to be more confident about our writing abilities. Perhaps then we'll stop being our own worst critics.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Mike Dawson says:

    Great tips there, but honestly I can never write with a timer, it just puts too much pressure and can be downright nerve-wracking! Well, at least for me. I like to take my time when it comes to writing a post.

  6. Great tips Linda. I find it hard to write the right content for my websites. It always taken me too long compare to other stuff i have to do. I'm going to try your tips espescially the timer one. Thats why i don't take all of the time writing content.