You can own me!

by Donna Fontenot December 20th, 2006 

Just for fun, I ran SEO Scoop through Leapfish's domain appraisal tool. Here's the result:

What SEO Scoop is worth

Note that the appraisal did not take the ice cream scoop graphic into consideration, which of course, would raise the value considerably, but I'll be happy to throw that in for free. What a deal! First person to PayPal me the money gets the site!

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5 Responses to “You can own me!”

  1. Sorvoja says:

    It is a bit more than I can afford, right now. It is to bad I didn't make a move back when you was selling for $1000


  2. DazzlinDonna says:

    Heh, dream on, Sorvoja. 😉

  3. whitegyr says:

    Me too!

    Combined Domain Name Appraisal Value Score: 2790

    Top Level Domain Name Score: 10
    Unwanted Characters Score: 10
    Length Score: 4 Score: 684
    Google Search Results: 9,650
    Yahoo Search Results: 2,920
    MSN Search Results: 3,531
    Search Engine Score: 1
    StartLogic – Affordable Webhosting
    Estimated Domain Name Value: $1,911,150.00

  4. hehehee..
    I just bought a domain which I pay £1.99 a yr and its worth $13.. I could sell it stright away..!! cool

    My best site is only $63,714.00 :(

    all fun..