Your Search Wish List Could Make You A Winner

by Donna Fontenot December 17th, 2007 

What's on your search wish list this holiday season? Is there something you want from Santa Baby? (er, Santa Google or Santa Yahoo or ... you get the idea). To celebrate the holiday season and the coming new year, it's contest time! And of course, the prizes are on everyone's wish list all the time, but we'll get to the prizes momentarily. (No peeking).

First, what do you have to do to win the 2007 Holiday Wish List / 2008 Predictions List contest? It's simple. Just comment on this post! Include at least one item to be placed on the Search Wish List or the Search Predictions List.

The wish list might include things such as "Santa Google, Please get rid of the DMOZ directory and create your own" or "Santa Yahoo, please increase your market share by 10% next year" or "Santa Live, please give us an Adsense competitor that really rocks". The predictions list might include things like "Google's share price will reach $1000 in 2008" or "Ask will become the 2nd leading search engine", etc.

That's it! Two lucky winners will be chosen at random on Thursday, December 20, 2007. (That's just 3 days from now, so get those lists written quickly!)

Now, before I let you peek at the prizes, here's a rendition of my favorite holiday song, Santa Baby, just to get you into the spirit of the contest. (Ok, you can scroll down and peek at the prizes if you insist).

The prizes are:

  1. The First Place Winner gets a free 30 days Wordze Account and a copy of Aaron Wall's famous SEO Book. ($115 value)
  2. The Second Place Winner gets a free 30 day Wordze account. ($35 value, but just using the tool is priceless). 😉

Just in case you've missed all my previous posts about Wordze, you can learn more about it, see videos on how to use it, and see how it compares to other keyword research tools at their comparison chart. But the quick, down and dirty top 3 reasons for wanting to use Wordze are:

  1. Endless amount of Keywords, Trends, and Competitor Data
  2. Speed, and Pricing w/ optional automation via Api
  3. The ability to quickly dig down and grab quality long-tail keywords

And if you don't know about the SEO Book (which is nearly impossible), you can get all the scoop here, but surely you already know that Aaron's SEO Book is the best there is.

Ok, now...go! Comment! Tell the search engines what's on your wish list for next year, and give your predictions for search as well. Good luck to everyone!

This holiday/year-end contest brought to you by Wordze and SEO Scoop.

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23 Responses to “Your Search Wish List Could Make You A Winner”

  1. Sebastian says:

    Dear Santa Google, pleas stop messing up the Robots Exclusion Protocol and ask me for professional advice. 😉

  2. DK says:

    Dear Google, when you give a site the links under the name in the serp, don't take them away next month because you wakeup with an hangover from the night before!

  3. NavyCS says:

    Dear Yahoo Santa,
    It's the same wish as last year and even the year before that… Before the directory becomes completely irrelevant add my site to it for free!

  4. earlpearl says:

    Dear Santa/Donna:

    since I have such great rankings w/Yahoo–could you pulllllleeeeeeeeeeeeese get google to use the Y algo for about a half year? Pulllleeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!

    thanks Santa. Have a good trip this year!!!!!!!!


  5. Jim Cook says:

    Dear Santa Google,

    All I want for Christmas is a major, two week-long Google outage that wakes people up to the fact that there are other search engines out there, inspires Congressional investigations and results in an anti-trust action.

    Oh, and a Red Rider BB Gun.

  6. Pierre Far says:

    Dear Santa Google

    Please stick to search and stop fighting and competing with webmasters.

    With all my not-love,

  7. Shelby Garlock says:

    Dear Santa Live Search:

    Please improve your Algo!

  8. Skitzzo says:

    Santa Google,
    Please continue to piss off every single webmaster out there.

    Santa Yahoo,
    Please get your act in gear with YPN. Get it out of Beta and fix your contextual targeting.

    Santa Live,
    Please give up on search, buy Yahoo, and then lobby Congress to break the Googopoly into several pieces of anti-trust goodness.

    Thanks very much!

  9. mvandemar says:

    Dear Santa Google,

    I've been a good boy this year. I know you know this, because I know you've tracked everything I did. Therefore, you really should give me what I want…

    This year, for Christmas, please just focus on the important crap, and quit freaking out on paid links, k? It's actually for you're own good I ask this, because I care.

    k thx bai.

  10. Michael D says:

    Dear Santa,

    I figure you'll be visiting about a gazillion homes on Christmas eve and delivering millions of new computers. Would you mind setting the default homepage on all web browsers to my site? I'll make a nice xmas message for everyone to read and I'll keep the adsense to a minimum.

    Thanks, you are the greatest!

  11. rmccarley says:

    The Cooks had some good wishes. For me, I'd just like to see these headlines:

    Google investigation reveals rampant evilness; Congress, Media and regular people say "boo"

    MS stock skyrockets with purchase of Yahoo! Positioned to compete effectively online with Google.

    Google losses search market share for second quarter

    SEO industry boom draws top dollars, talent

    Google and 14th Colony founder, Randall McCarley kiss and make up!

  12. badijones says:

    Dear Santa Google,
    Please don't kill text-link-ads. I really like them.

    Also, if at all possible, I'd love a Google admin login. One just like Matt Cutts has.

    Thanks :)

  13. Reuben Yau says:

    I wish:

    – I could download more than 1 million internal/external links in csv format from within Google Webmaster Tools

    – Google Webmaster Tools showed fresher stats

    – I could consistently and reliably influence Googlebot's crawl frequency

    – Googlebot would crawl all URLs in my xml sitemaps

    – Someone would invent a forum arm patch

    – I had as many RSS subscribers as Donna

    – I could take my wife and kids to pubcon

    – Everything I submitted to digg went popular

    – There were more TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) in SEM

    – I didn't always struggle to write top 10 lists

  14. Simonne says:

    Dear Santagooooogle,

    Please give me back the PR, so I can write more gorgeous paid reviews like the ones I wrote when you took it away from me.

  15. SpostareDuro says:

    Of course mine isn't as cute and fuzzy as the other requests, but:

    Santa, this year for Christmas, I'd like to ask you to make Google show more professional respect for those that they are about to penalize, by giving those suffering penalty a 'heads up' before striking. Maybe then your evil plan will ensure conformity without retaliation.

  16. esvl says:

    Dear santa google.

    Please make your mind up. First you tell people how to use the internet, including how to build the finest details to suck up to you, then you wait till the internet is built that way, then you change your mind and blame people if they did what you said in the first place.

    Dont fix something if its not broken. Although now that you already broke it I will no longer send you my wish list.

    Yahoo is the new one to ask for Favors.

  17. ny seo says:

    Good One Skitzzo!

    Dear Santas Mahalo, StumbleUpon & New Search Engines,

    -Hurry up and trounce Google !!!

    -Remind the FTC why they have antitrust regulations

    -And have Rudolph "drop a gift" on the Grinch that stole Christmas PageRank

  18. AZ.nso says:

    Google Santa,

    My wish is that you'd try something dramatic, something we'd never see coming, something which would help you receive more pages than ever in the structure you prefer. What is my wish?

    I wish Google Santa would establish a new organization for professional SEO which would keep SEO professionals apprised of upcoming changes to algorithms, smaller preferences of note, and a collective educational programs which would bring the overall level of SEO competency higher than ever.

    Applicants would be verified before acceptance. It would keep the Black Hat riff-raff out of the club.

    I would want the membership fees to go toward funding meetings (you can help cover the remaining costs — you can afford it) for more than just the top 5% of SEO leaders, but for a greater amount of SEOers to meet time-to-time in person. If Google Santa encourages stronger relationships between SEO members, the quality of the work will be better than ever.

    Google Santa, I know this is radical, but we shouldn't have to explain the winds of change to our clients according to what we collectively extrapolate (and about which we argue to no end) from the effects of those winds. You can just tell us. That would be a good deal for you too, right Google Santa.

    Plenty of particulars would need to be worked out, but this would not be impossible. you're Google Santa, you can do anything!!

    Thank you for letting me sit on your lap and speak my mind. I might be an idealist, but I like it that way. I'd rather be burned and let down from time-to-time than to live 95% of my life negatively.

    I'll be waiting for your response with a plate of cookies (no, not those website cookies), and some milk. You can have the snack either way.

    Most Sincerely,

  19. sem4u says:

    Dear Santas Yahoo and Live,

    Please try and increase you market share in the coming year so that you can compete more with the big G.

    Please also provide a viable alternative to Google Adsense.

    Dear Santa Google,

    Please remove that silly green bar

  20. DazzlinDonna says:

    BTW, the random drawing for the prizes will be at noon, cst on thursday.

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