Kijiji Advertising

Kijiji advertising is a unique platform that businesses can leverage to reach their audience at a crucial moment – when they're about to make a purchase. Users who are browsing Kijiji classifieds are looking to buy, and this offers advertisers an opportunity to attract consumers with the right intent.

Advertising on Kijiji offers a number of benefits for businesses:

  • Access to a bilingual audience (English & French)
  • 40% of Canadians have visited
  • Ads available in a variety of sizes across multiple page types
  • Excellent targeting options

At SEP, we believe that Kijiji marketing has great potential for small and larger businesses alike. With more than 11 million unique visitors each month, Kijiji is a platform you should consider adding to your digital marketing mix. If you are looking to target local or regional audiences, Kijiji advertising could be the perfect way to get your brand, or your products and services in front of the right consumers.

Kijiji Marketing Strategy

SEP will take the time to clearly understand your business goals and objectives in order to better customize your advertising campaigns and drive targeted traffic to your website – fast. There are many targeting options that allow you to display your Kijiji ads to the right audience, every time.

SEP's PPC team will develop a strategy based on keywords, geographic targeting, demographics or user behaviours to ensure you reach your desired audience. Kijiji supports both text and display ads that can be set to appear on the Kijiji homepage, in search results, on item-specific pages and more.

We have years of experience in creating Kijiji advertising strategies that get results. Trust Search Engine People to help you gain more exposure for your products and services through Kijiji ads.

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