March 6, 2014 -- In a special for the Financial Post SEP Inc. CEO Jeff Quipp outlines 5 tools in 5 content areas to help produce better results.

"Look for content opportunities [...]

You can identify these content opportunities in two ways. The first is to create a (free)Google Adwords account and use its Keyword Tool. [...]

Get blogging/improve your blog content [...]

Not only does this increase search engine rankings, it also builds credibility and trust with prospective customers. [...] Do things differently than the competition and add unique value for your readers. A great way to do this is to begin creating posts that act as resources and educational material. [...]

Try marketing automation softwareSoftware such as Hubspot, Marketo andEloqua are designed to help capture leads earlier in the buying process and nurture them as they travel through the sales funnel. This software automates your marketing so you are top of mind for prospective buyers throughout the decision making process [...]

Focus on ROI and measurement [...]

[...] do you really want to rank #1? Or do you want the business that comes from having a high search engine ranking? If you aim for the former with no consideration of the latter, its a risky game that does nothing to ensure sustainability.

Branding, branding, branding [...]

Up the ante by taking out remarketing ads, conducting banner and button buys, boosting your social media game, and leveraging platforms such as YouTube. A great example of a company that has done a phenomenal job of branding via YouTube is BlendTec, with their Will it Blend series, showing any industry can have creative and impactful branding efforts."

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