Findings for PPC in Henderson

Henderson Ranks Amongst Least Expensive Markets for Google Adwords in USA

SEP's ongoing research into PPC Campaigns has revealed that Henderson was the 163rd least expensive city in USA in keyword bids in Google Adwords for the month of September 2016. Henderson also ranks amongst the least expensive cities in Nevada, ranking as number 3rd. In the study, San Buenaventura ranked as the most expensive city in the country, while Ontario ranked as the least expensive city.

Year over Year Google Adwords Prices for Henderson are up in September 2016

SEP's research shows that the average price of a click to advertisers targeting Henderson keywords increased by (Yr/Yr increase %)% versus the same keywords one year earlier.

Google Adwords Keyword Prices 47% Lower in Henderson than Las Vegas

SEP’s research also tracks Google Adwords price changes and trends in cities across Canada and the U.S. Recent data shows that average prices in Henderson are 47% lower than in Las Vegas. The average price of a click in Henderson is $10.58.

This price differential is expected however, as Las Vegas has a larger population than Henderson.

For better comparison of prices, we also compared prices with another city with a similar population, Plano, and found the average price of a click in Henderson was 45% lower than in Plano.

The Price Rank shows how expensive keywords are in certain industry and segment relative to other cities in a country, region and province.

PPC Industry Data for Henderson

Summary PPC Stats for Henderson for September 2016
Avg Price per Click Rank in Country Rank in Region Rank in province Mo./Mo. % Price Change
City Average 10.58 163rd 43rd 3rd -5
Automotive/Vehicle Auto Insurance 31.29 149th 48th 3rd -16
Dealerships 5.91 19th 8th 1st NA
Tires 4.47 64th 11th 2nd -10
Towing 4.39 92nd 35th 3rd 4
Average 10.09 141st 44th 3rd -2
Entertainment/Recreation Restaurants 1.02 217th 64th 3rd -26
Average 1.02 217th 64th 3rd -26
Finance Payday Loans 7.44 62nd 22nd 4th -26
Average 7.44 161st 46th 4th NA
Health, Beauty & Fitness Chiropractors 6.57 144th 45th 1st -45
Dentists 12.96 87th 27th 2nd -4
Massage Therapy 20.99 8th 4th 1st 0
Average 12.37 44th 13rd 1st -6
Home & Garden Appliance Repair 11.15 141st 38th 3rd -8
Furniture 2.61 180th 45th 1st 2
Garage Doors 17.10 133rd 43rd 3rd 5
Landscapers 7.06 36th 12nd 1st 6
Moving Companies 22.05 41st 6th 1st 9
Pest Control 18.62 130th 21st 3rd 20
Plumbers 48.77 65th 21st 3rd 10
Roofing 7.52 192nd 62nd 2nd -16
Self Storage Companies 12.79 56th 18th 1st -14
Average 18.03 118th 28th 2nd 0
Legal Law Firms 16.84 123rd 33rd 3rd NA
Average 16.84 182nd 45th 3rd NA
Real Estate Apartment Rentals 2.18 81st 19th 1st -18
Condos 2.11 55th 16th 1st 3
New Home Developers 4.06 74th 25th 3rd -28
Realtors 3.00 43rd 13rd 1st -10
Average 2.80 57th 15th 1st -12
Shopping Florists 6.05 132nd 38th 2nd 3
Average 6.05 132nd 38th 2nd 3
Travel Car Rentals 2.96 112nd 39th 3rd -23
Hotels 4.22 123rd 41st 1st 0
Average 3.59 145th 53rd 3rd -12

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About SEP Research*

An ongoing PPC Study by Search Engine People tracks and monitors how paid search in North America’s Top Cities is changing over time for select industries.

The study illustrates the Average Price-Per-Click in a given city for select Industries and their related segments. Additionally, it reveals its current rank to other markets in a Country, Province, and its Month over Month % Price change.

This PPC study monitors the prices of keywords, number of advertisers competing for those keywords, and search volumes. To ensure relative market-to-market comparison keywords tracked are based on sufficient search volumes in all markets studied.

The study includes a limited numbers of keywords to represent each industry, and specific segments in each industry. The main industries tracked are:

  • Automotive/Vehicle
  • B2B
  • Entertainment/Recreation
  • Finance
  • Health/Beauty/Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • Special Events

Currently the data is updated on monthly basis for nearly 200 keywords in over 300 cities across North America. SEP will continue to add keywords, industries, and baskets over time, so if your industry is not here yet, please check back periodically.

*The information found in this page is an early release of the data found in SEP’s ongoing study, and should not be interpreted as being definitive or statistically significant. It is merely a compilation of the interesting data gathered.