It's time to expect more from your PR agency!

SEP PR is a full-service, Canadian PR agency backed by a legacy of SEO, Social Media and Inbound marketing expertise. We are uniquely qualified to deliver fresh, highly relevant brand messaging and corporate communications in this new world of brand transparency and customer-centricity.

As "new world" PR specialists, we provide integrated public relations solutions that eliminate the communication breakdowns that often occur when one agency handles your PR and another takes care of your marketing. Additionally, you can expect to benefit from the reduced cost of a unified PR and digital marketing spend.

All of our PR initiatives are developed with SEO in mind, because we understand that there is no value in crafting an exceptional PR program if it isn't in the right places to be seen. Our integrated approach provides considerable value unlike anything you will find from other PR agencies. It allows us a 360 degree view into your brand's activities, requirements and key values; thereby facilitating the ability to create targeted programs that are both highly relevant and easily accessible.

Our Public Relations Offerings Include

Research and Insight

Our PR specialists get to know your brand inside and out. That includes your current media coverage and social media presence, as well as those of your competitors. If you do not currently have a social media presence, but are interested in joining the online world, we perform an in depth audit of your competitor's social media platforms and use the acquired information to assist you in deciding which platforms are right for you.

Social Media Solutions

We will help you develop and manage a presence across one or more social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. This can include creation of a social media content calendar and post creation.

Communications Planning

We will work with you to create and plan an integrated PR program that not only grabs attention, but provides you with top of mind positioning with your target audience.

Traditional Relations

SEP PR will monitor traditional media outlets for client and campaign driven content.

Why Choose SEP PR for Your Public Relations Services?

We offer comprehensive PR solutions: At SEP PR, we offer strategic, integrated public relations solutions that seamlessly combine traditional PR tactics with high quality content production and years of social media expertise.
We have an extensive team of communications specialists: Search Engine People has team of Public Relations, Social Media and Content experts dedicated to the creation and deployment of high quality brand messaging.
We know what works: We take a client-based, results-driven approach to our Inbound Marketing services, and the same can certainly be said of our Public Relations services.
We provide high quality content: We look at social media strategy in a different light than many other PR and Social Media agencies. Rather than focusing solely on growing your fan base, we lead with high quality content, to ensure that your brand messaging resonates with your followers, converting them into brand evangelists.

If it's time to take ownership of your brand reputation, talk to SEP PR to learn more about what our Public Relations services can do for you.