1. Google's Knowledge Graph is 570 million references large and has 18 billion cross-references. The project is designed to answer the most popular tens of millions of queries. (The Guardian)
  2. 0.0086 percent of the world is famous if you divide Wikipedia's list of 600 thousand+ living people by the global population of 7,059,837,187. (Wired via The Atlantic)
  3. 60 percent of the world's consumers with Internet prefer buying new products from familiar brands instead of switch to a new brand. Word of mouth remains important: 60 percent will wait for a product's track record to build up. Almost 40 percent is willing to pay more to stay with their favorite brand. (Nielsen Wire)
  4. Actual time spend on Facebook is 80 percent lower than self-reported. When asked a group of students self-reported their time on Facebook as 149 minutes per day. Monitor software revealed a much shorter 26 minutes a day. (The Atlantic)facebookusesurvey
  5. US requests for private consumer data from Google has increased by 136 percent since 2009. 68 percent of those requests are done under that country's Electronic Communications Privacy Act which doesn't require a judge to sign any paper. The ECPA considers email and other digital information "abandoned" when left on a third party server for more than 3 months. (Google Transparency Report via Google's Official Blog)
  6. Facebook Graph searches can be creepy. From "current employers of people who like Racism" to "Family members of people who live in China and like Falun Gong", a forbidden group. (Actual Facebook Graph SearchesTumblr)SNAGHTML549ce42
  7. Microsoft has $68 billion in cash reserves, up 7+ percent since mid-2012. And here I was believing our abandonment of PC's would make life harder on Microsoft. (The Guardian)
  8. US women to be sent into combat. They're allowed now. It's rare to see media (general and social) so happy about the army and combat. Maybe it's not clear what party you're invited to when joining the army? (The Atlantic)
  9. Maybe there's a time to quit Facebook?

    "Imagine 7 years spent living in a college dorm, or 15 years spent attending the parties you went to in your twenties. Now imagine yourself perusing a Facebook stream daily for a full 25 years."
    -- The Atlantic

  10. "Facewash" will clean up your Facebook profile, removing crude language and naughty photos. The app scans your profile, then reports back with a list of bad stuff. You can also have it search for a specific keywords. Offending content can then be removed with a simple click. (FaceWash via Salon)