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6 thoughts on “10 Things We Didn’t Know A Week Ago [Week 07]

  1. Wow,some interesting news there Ruud. I’ve read about most of them, but a few are new and interesting like the “Multinational Security Firm Makes Software To Track & Predict Where You Go”. Thanks for sharing it with your readers.

    1. That one is impressive, isn’t it? Thanks for the comment, Eddie. Love to hear back from people — and if you ever have a 10 Things tip, you know where to find me on Google+ or Twitter!

  2. I had been wondering why all those stupid fake photos were going around on facebook and what’s funny is that most of the comments will say something like “I keep posting but nothing happens”. I always leave a comment telling them what is going on and that I am reporting them and then I report them. It really saddens me when they have photos of kids dying from things like cancer. Makes me mad.

    1. The original poster had a good tip too, Rosa. He wrote: “So what can we do about these scams? Well, for one, obviously don’t comment on it. But I also recommend clicking on the little arrow on the right and hiding the post. That will tell EdgeRank that the person who commented on the photo is not worth paying attention to, so in time you’ll see less and less of those kinds of posts.”

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