Content writers and strategists usually feel like the writing is the most difficult part of the project, especially when it starts. But then, reality hits. It's hard to write great content. It's harder making sure that it gets seen.

Making your content shareable and well optimized for socialization can be tricky. Every brand and every audience can be different. Start by getting to know who you're communicating with. Where is your content most likely to be shared? Is it shared now? If so, what worked? If not, why? Asking questions like these can usually get you on the right track to making your content easier to share and interact with.

But, if you're not sure where to begin, here are some ways for you to make your content social media shareable:

  1. Have a great headline. Headlines are powerful. Headlines inspire action. Headlines matter. Spend time on getting them right.
  2. Use captivating images. Users are visually driven. Choose images that fit the topic but are interesting. Avoid the boring stock images of a man and woman in business suits shaking hands. You can do better.
  3. Add image credits. With Pinterest now being a huge source of referral traffic for many sites, it's a good idea to add in visual credits on images associated with your posts. Add a watermark or an attractive text overlay so that your images can be pinned and garner interest.
  4. Choose a good time. Your audience will have peak times for engagement, so try to post your content when you know it'll be seen. Do some research to find out when your connections will be most active.
  5. Tailor your social media button settings. If you use social sharing plugins or buttons on your content, try to optimize them for maximum impact. Include any relevant hashtags or citation information (e.g. via @companyname) so that readers recognize the source of the content at first glance.
  6. Write a clear, concise description/meta description. This will be displayed along with your link, so make it count. Your description/meta description should be short, engaging, and motivating without being pushy (e.g. CLICK HERE NOW). Entice the reader to gain that click.
  7. Keep it brief. Short but power-packed titles perform best in social media, as you don't have to worry about character limits cutting off your hook. Try to make your post titles trim.
  8. Start the sharing. Believe it or not, this is a common mistake that many content creators make. All too often, the writers abandon a piece once it goes live. Don't do it. Instead, start sharing from your own channels immediately. It all starts with a single tweet, pin, or status update.
  9. Cultivate comments. Discussion is key in social media. Think about how many shares came with a note of "the comments are worth it" or "discussion is just as good as the content."
  10. While we're on the subject: enable comments.
  11. Produce great content. Common sense, I know, but still the most important thing to remember. Create content that's worthy and valuable.

Have a tip for getting more shares? Share with us.

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