Responsive Design by jalbertbowdenii

For businesses that want to get ahead and stay ahead in today's market, it's essential to respond to the changing marketplace rather than react to it. This means business owners need to keep up with trends not only in their own industry, but also in the areas they're involved in; especially technology.

The rise of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones is dominating every industry that participates in online marketing; especially e-Commerce.

How To Employ Responsive Design

Responsive design for e-Commerce is easy to implement with the right tools. Shopify is quickly growing in popularity as an e-Commerce platform, and becoming known for its built-in responsive design templates. In todays mobile-driven world, accommodating users with mobile devices is akin to surviving; because it truly is a world where the big eat the small and the fast eat the slow.

So, What Does Responsive Design Do?

Put simply, it allows websites to render correctly across all devices. This means that, using the same code, a website will render correctly across a tablet, smartphone, laptop, and desktop computer. The website detects the screen size of the user's device, then automatically resizes to fit.

Studies have shown that responsive design leads to lower bounce rates, higher time spent on the site, increased sales, and increased engagement. So, if you haven't implemented responsive design, it could be critical to do so.


There are several options. The simplest is to set up your shopping cart engine using a system like Shopify. Alternatively, you can set up your website using a responsive WordPress theme. The third and most involved option is to hire a developer to re-code the design of your website.


Experts agree Google will start to place more emphasis on mobile optimization in its search results, which means mobile optimization is more critical than ever.

The mobile trend isn't going away anytime soon. In fact, studies show that it's only accelerating. Clearly, this isn't a trend to ignore. Responsive design is a necessity, here to stay.