How To Get Over Your Fear Of Algorithm Updates And Do SEO The Right Way

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Some business owners and marketing managers may feel reluctant to get involved with SEO after their site has been affected by Google algorithmic updates. Of course you have to question what was done in the past in order to find a solution for the future. But websites that refuse to implement SEO strategies going forward almost guarantee themselves to fail online and become a victim of the times. Below are a few points to help you get over your fear of algorithm updates and do SEO the right way.

Diversify Your Strategy

SEO is the combination of elements that will help your website perform in search engines. Google doesnt just consider your links and on page optimization when generating search results. They consider the quality of your landing page, how easy it is to navigate your website, relevancy and uniqueness of your content and much more. You cannot put all your focus on links, especially in this post penguin era. You cannot have tunnel vision when it comes to your search strategy. Diversifying your SEO strategy mitigates risk.

Long-term Mentality

Sure its possible to get a website ranking for keywords within a few weeks, especially if you are willing to take risks. But dont expect that site to be ranking forever. Most business owners do not want to take big risks and potentially have their website on Googles naughty list. Quality SEO does not mean quick rankings. You have to be willing to fully trust your SEO teams long-term plan to continually do what is right.

Give Google What They Want

You have to give Google reasons to prefer your site over the sites you are competing with. If you have a reason to implement schema on your site, do it! If you have not uploaded a sitemap to webmaster tools, do it! Every little detail counts, and the more reasons you give Google to notice the good things your site does, the better.

Think of the search results of your favourite keyword as the 100M dash. Only a few milliseconds can separate the gold medal winner from lets say the 4th position. You must do all that applies to your site to have the best chance of performing well within search engines. Having just the slightest edge on your competitor in certain aspects can make the biggest difference. It all adds up.

Do It For The User, Not The Crawler

When link building, you must be responsible and ask yourself if the intention of the link you are posting is for a visitor of the website or is it for a crawler. If you are link building on sites that dont have many visitors than you may be barking up the wrong tree. Same applies for your content and on page optimization. Yes it is important to include keywords within those elements for the crawler to see, but the focus should be on engaging the person who is reading your content.

Algorithm updates will continue to happen for the foreseeable future. It is not about gaming the system and tricking the crawler, its about giving them what they want. You mustnt put all your eggs in one basket. There are a variety of ways to help your website have strong search engine performance. As long as there are search results, the search engine will be wondering what the best sites to display are. There will always be ways to affect the algorithm in a positive manner.

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