Five Types of Winning Marketing Content

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Image Based Content

Pictures are powerful tools to evoke emotions and motivate users towards taking positive action. The popularity of sites like Pinterest and Instagram bear testimony to the fact that image based content will always be a winner.

Pinterest's focus on visual content helped it become the website that reached the 10 million unique user mark faster than any other in history.

Companies that choose visual marketing based content like infographics and photos to tell their brand story will see more success than their those who use text-only.

Micro-videos, Motion Graphics, Videos

2013 saw the introduction of micro videos by social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

Video consumption on YouTube and Facebook increased, again.

Businesses can use both full length production videos and micro-videos to show best practices, product demonstration, how-to video's, unboxing videos, etc.

Motion based content can also be used in the form of animation and motion graphics; powerful tools for boosting brand awareness, increasing brand recognition and creating audience engagement.

(Guest) Blogging

Marketers who blog regularly produce 67% more leads than those without a blog presence. The numbers hold up for both B2B and B2C marketing.

Quality blog posts provide informative content and give businesses who author such posts the status of industry experts in their respective fields.

Readers are pleased as they learn something new and useful from your blog post. This increases customer loyalty and is often the primary reason for conversion of one-time visitors into returning customers.

Another part of content marketing strategy is contributing content (articles, posts and videos) to other high value industry peers. Such content is back-linked to the contributor's own website and helps improve awareness.

Technical Papers, Ebooks, White Papers

Custom content provided by businesses make for some of the most well received forms of consumer engagement in content marketing.

TMG Custom Media found that 78% of consumers believe that a company providing custom content is really invested in building a relationship with them. 90% of consumers found custom content useful.

Sharing white papers and eBooks also establishes a business' thought leadership and is a great way to build reputation.

Live Events, Webinars, Webcasts

In-person events and other forms of speaking engagements, including webinars, show your business' stature in thought leadership. Additionally, webinars and all live events can be recorded and later converted into text based posts, infographics, and video based posts. These posts can later be shared as "especially for those who missed the live events".

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