TGIF but also; wow, it's Friday? Already?!

Looking forwards to Friday's office drinking brawl end of the week business meetings and Halloween tomorrow, we can't help but have suffered "some" tunnel vision, right?

But no worries because we (yes; whole research teams have been set on this!) have gathered the most relevant How To's that were published this week.

Social Media

  1. How to Use Twitter to Get More Business
  2. How to Bring Back the Old Facebook Feed
  3. HOW TO: Measure Social Media ROI
  4. How to Earn Respect in Social Media

Making Money

  1. Bloggers: How to Give Yourself a Raise Today
  2. How To: Append Your Affiliate ID to Any RSS Feed Using Yahoo Pipes
  3. How To Spot Undisclosed Affiliate Selling
  4. How to Go from Small to Super

Web Site

  1. How To Fix High Bounce Rate
  2. How to Make Your Website Look and Act Professional

Apps & Services

  1. How To Export your Google Docs data
  2. How to Add Search Shortcuts to Google Chrome


  1. How to Quote without Getting into Google's Duplicate Content Filter

BONUS: 6 Essential Writing Tips

  1. How to Create an Article of 1,000+ Words in 90 Minutes or Less
  2. 101 Writing Prompts To Inspire You
  3. 10 Article Templates to Overcome Writer's Block Fast So You Can Write Your Articles in 30 Minutes
  4. How to have your content ready when your boss asks for it
  5. Writing Usable Web Content
  6. Applying the Pomodoro Technique in Writing

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Images by: 60in3, jesse.milan