Hi! Can I have your phone number?


You wouldnt do this in a bar so why do you see so many websites that ask you to SHARE them, FOLLOW them or LIKE them on their homepage yet later, when youre all warmed up to them, there they arent.

I have empathy for the poor, overworked webmaster who's been told to stick it on the homepage and dont ask questions. After all, consider:

  • SHARING of pages has doubled in the past year,
  • 75% of consumers have FOLLOWED a brand online,
  • Facebook users LIKE 54 brands on average.

But a homepage is really not the right place for it, is it?

I reminded of an anecdote from Paco Underhill, the guy who wrote Why We Buy. Given hes the god of store design, one retailer asked him what message they should put on the doors of their stores. He said, How about

Push sign ?

Because, of course, thats what were really looking to do at that stage and, as such, were not as receptive to other messages right then. Same with the homepage. With that in mind here are 16 better places to put your share, follow and like messages.

  1. On any editorial content on your site
  2. In the signature of all outgoing company emails
  3. On the checkout pages of your site
  4. On Thank You for your order or submission pages
  5. At the physical checkout counter of your store
  6. On your on or offline receipts
  7. A Forced Like Landing Page on Facebook
  8. Signage outside of your location twitter-naked-pizza (What? You dont think Social Media darling Naked Pizza got there by Social Media alone do you?)
  9. eNewsletters
  10. On your packaging
  11. Signage anywhere they have to line-up for you (checkout line, pumps, reservation)
  12. Concluding slides of presentations
  13. Printed collateral material like brochures
  14. Business cards
  15. Trade Show booths
  16. Training material

Hope this helps.

Double-dog dare you to come up with some more to add to this list.